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  • Schadenpuppies & EPH

    Worldcon events have brought out the former Sad Puppies to claim that things once again (via means never explained) prove them right (about what is always unclear). I’ve personally not had a lot to say on the Worldcon programming issue as I can’t attend due to a whole pile of things and life and the […]

  • Sad Puppy 4 Graph Again

    Quick sketch of Sp4 Best Novel recommendations to date. The grey line is not on the same scale and indicates cumulative growth.  

  • Paulk Replies Sort of – Makes Straw Puppy Disappointed.

    Kate Paulk has nicely mentioned my letter to her over at Mad Genius. Cheers Kate! She seems a bit worried about my butt, my feelz, my gender and my pronouns  … all proceeds as I have foreseen. And yea, the butthurt of the most special of snowflakes doth rise unto the heavens, for in stating […]