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Sad Puppy 4 Graph Again

Quick sketch of Sp4 Best Novel recommendations to date. The grey line is not on the same scale and indicates cumulative growth.




Paulk Replies Sort of – Makes Straw Puppy Disappointed.

Kate Paulk has nicely mentioned my letter to her over at Mad Genius. Cheers Kate! She seems a bit worried about my butt, my feelz, my gender and my pronouns

 … all proceeds as I have foreseen. And yea, the butthurt of the most special of snowflakes doth rise unto the heavens, for in stating facts and analyzing the content of their bullshit, I have given great offense. And I am greatly amused.

Seriously, folks, when the best you can manage in so-called critique is to claim that something I wrote was poorly written (without evidence of my alleged poor writing – which means it’s probably a case of either “oooh, my feelz” or “I don’t get it, it must be horrible”) and then go on to repeat every single tactic I dissected with hardly any variations, you’re doing it wrong. You’re also kind of amusing, in a train-wreck kind of way.

I’m not going to bother dissecting this rather shallow bit of hurt feelings – I’d spend more time on it than it deserves and hand the so-called author more page views and it really isn’t worth that (yes, it. Since this particular author is using a handle that’s not obviously male or female, and is clearly so far in the non-binary-gender camp it’s through the other side or something, I can’t default to “he” or “she”. I’m writing in English, which leaves “it” as the sole option for the non-binary-gender sort.) Besides, when it goes out of its way to misrepresent everything I’ve written, why should I bother giving it more attention than I have to?

Ah, Kate but you didn’t link straight to my blog. Thanks for the kind words (particularly the train wreck quote – which is priceless) but you made Straw Puppy sad by not linking – see: