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  • Time for an updated Brexit infographic

    For people keeping track…

  • Rocketcat

    [Timothy the Talking Cat] You see? You see? I totally tricked you. [Camestros Felapton] Hmmm [Tim] You thought we were going to go and see Godzilla but we actually went to see Rocketman. [CF] That’s OK. I enjoyed the film. [Tim] But admit that I totally tricked you. [CF] OK, you totally tricked me despite […]


  • Infographic: Brexit Options Updated

    I thought it was time to update my Brexit diagram given my current understanding.

  • Poster colour schemes

    Paul Weimer retweeted an interesting picture: The article he links to is really interesting. It looks how digital colour effects in film have led to the dominance of a “teal and orange” colour scheme that is visually appealing and yet unnatural. The accompanying Tweet shows how that same colour pairing keeps appearing on movie posters. […]

  • Hidden Moments of Movie History

  • Potato Crisp Magic System

    I do like an over elaborate fantasy magic system where powers (and the characters of the people deploying them) are tied to some other phenomenon or system of classification. Of course elements and colours and everything has been done but what about…potato crisp (aka chip) flavours? No, I thought not. I’ve found many articles on […]

  • Today’s Infographic: Brexit – next steps

    With only days to go before the UK topples out of the EU onto the hard pavement outside the pub and wallows in its own vomit drunk on the heady liquor of confused nationalism, here is a helpful flowchart to show how the next events may progress.

  • An anthology map

    This is a second attempt at something. I’ve playing with Gephi, a tool for visualising network topology such as social networks. I’d originally attempted a kind of social network of authors in the wider Hugo related kefuffles based on book collaborations, writing in the same series and anthologies (e.g. John Scalzi has written with John […]

  • Todays Infographic: Marvel/DC versus Australian Soaps

    There are many great rivalries: love versus death, left versus right, the Guelphs & the Ghibellines but few can match the rivalries between DC and Marvel companies or Sydney versus Melbourne or the ongoing battle of Australian soap operas. But what if we put them altogether? The chart shows actors who have appeared at least […]

  • Meanwhile, at the Whitehouse