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  • Missing Moments in Comic Book Art: Bob Kane’s Discarded Early Concept

    Reputedly, Bill Finger asked repeatedly why a giant purple cat was flying through the window until Kane agreed that a bat made more sense. Only after a further series of attempts with first a baseball bat, then a cricket bat, that a compromise was reached with a flying mammal bat, which had already been drawn […]


  • My bad genre drawings

    I posted on Twitter yesterday some very quick and very bad drawings of things that did their best to NOT represent the genre written on them. Here they are as a slide show. Hope the slide show works!

  • A Tube Map of SF&F Genres

    As with any London Tube style map, distance on the map has no connection with distance in reality. Position is about how to make everything fit. I feel like it needs more stops on the big pink Fantasy circle line. Green stops allow you to change services to mainstream rail lines. Purple stops allow you […]

  • Solar System – complete

    Here are all the planets (and other things) from the past few days in one place. Rules: 1. Pick a whole number from 1 to 11 2. Find the picture below with that number 3. Discover secret aspects of your personality! 4. Change the number you picked because that last one didn’t suit you. 5. […]

  • Spooky Halloween GIF

    Your treat and my trick is this spooky gif for All Hallow’s Eve. Apply to your time zone as applicable.

  • Timothy Presents: The Real Shape of the Earth

    From the desk of famed director, author, bon vivant, registered realtor and cult leader, Timothy the Astronomical Cat. Only a fool thinks the Earth is flat but only BINARY thinkers, their heads full of ones and evil zeroes think the only other option is some sort of ball, like the Earth is just some stupid […]

  • A taxonomy of retro looking rockets

    Been browsing some images of pulp covers with rockets on them. Here’s a rough set of varieties. Not included are the more baroque ones with multiple curves and fins and nozzles and everything.

  • Cat psychology

    A reader asks me: “Hi Cam,You are lucky that your cat can talk and is so ready to share his views. I never know what my cat is thinking. Can you share some of your experience with Timothy and give us all some insights into the inner lives of our cats?” I’m always happy to […]

  • …but if you are looking for something copyright free…

    I occasionally put images up on Pixabay

  • The less loved Star Wars wing fighters

    I was impressed by this comprehensive list of ‘alphabet’ fighters from Star Wars I hadn’t realised there were so many but I can’t help thinking that there is a lot more of the alphabet Star Wars could have covered. So I have decided to fill in some of the gaps. Needless to say, this […]