Category: Illustration

  • Abbott & Costello

    Another lame visual joke.

  • Tinfoil fedora

    Only the tinfoil fedora can solve the conspiracy…

  • Another postcard from beyond

    Available from the gift shop of all interstellar liners.

  • Sockpuppets

    Sockpuppets – for when you need a graphical illustration of sockpuppets.

  • Products from an alternate universe: Spam

    Flogging the same joke again, graphically. Another version of socialist spam. AKA The Five Year Spam.

  • A consolation prize for Australia in relation to insufficient Hugo nominations

    Elsewhere I provoked a discussion on whether the Hugo awards include a disproportionate number of Canadians. A corollary to that is that there are few Australians in the lists over the years. There isn’t a clear answer to that but in recompense I’ve provided a picture to make Australians feel happy.


  • Cheese puppies

    Today’s lame joke in picture form.

  • Pink SF and Puppies

    It is easy to see the puppies as an amorphous block – a single set of uniform beliefs held by all the main puppy leaders informing their every action. That would be an error though and even a cursory glance at the multiple rationales for the SP’s actions shows a great deal of diversity of […]

  • Camestros contemplates a ukulele

    A puppy in one hand and a ukulele  in the other… Weird – this was scheduled to appear on July 1 and instead traveled back in time to June 1. Leap second bug or did I do something weird.