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  • Ignyte Awards 2022 Finalists

    Ignyte Awards 2022 Finalists

    We’ve talked a lot about the flaws of various award systems but part of the broader solution to the competing needs and problems with awards is pluralism: multiple awards that use different approaches and have different constituencies. I think the Ignyte Awards are a great addition to that. The Awards have some overlap of categories […]

  • Ignyte Award 2020: Winners

    FIYAHCON have announced the winners for the Ignyte Awards. I haven’t seen an official post, only Twitter announcements. No analysis from me here yet. File 770 coverage here and Best Novel – Adult for novel-length (40k+ words) works intended for the adult audience Winner: Gods of Jade and Shadow – Silvia Moreno-Garcia […]

  • IGNYTE Short Story Round Up

    I do like short stories but I tend to overlook them in my regular media consumption. The up-side of that is I do most of my short story reading around award finalists and get nicely curated lists of what is currently hot in speculative short fiction. This years inaugural IGNYTE awards are no exception. Before […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts: A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy by Rebecca Roanhorse

    In the near future, technology to extract memories from human tissue has enabled the entertainment industry to digitally recreate recently departed actors. Isolated in his Malibu home, a young Native American actor/model Dez Hunter is deep in mourning after the sudden death of his equally photogenic girlfriend Cherie. Lost in grief, he has taken to […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts: Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan by Christopher Caldwell

    John Wood is a carpenter on-board a 19th century whaling ship sailing out from Nantucket. A former slave, John finds love and companionship in the form of fellow sailor William Harker. ‘No light but the moon, but John could walk the length of the Gracie-Ella’s decks eyes closed and barefoot without placing a wrong stop. […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts: Dune Song by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

    The village of Isiuwa is ringed in by a bamboo fence and beyond its borders are endless dunes containing the remnants of past civilisations. Nata is determined to escape from the confinement and control of the Chief and the Elders. “Isiuwa knows the Chief is right because he bears a cross on Isiuwa’s behalf, along […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts Week

    Voting for FIYAH magazine’s IGNYTE awards closes on September 11. That’s just enough time to cover at least one maybe two of the shorter fiction categories. I’m going to start with Short Story. The finalists are: Ten Excerpts from an Annotated Bibliography on the Cannibal Women of Ratnabar Island – Nibedita Sen for Nightmare Magazine […]

  • I’m counting pronouns

    I woke up late because I was working late on things from the mundane physical world, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they are rows and rows think they are columns. This meant this morning I had less time for my entertainment, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they […]

  • Ignyte Award 2020: Finalists

    FIYAHCON have announced their finalists for the first Ignyte Awards and there are some interesting choices. You can read the announcement here and File 770 has coverage here It is an interesting mix of names seen on other awards and names that may be less familiar. See above for full categories. I’m going […]


    This is an exciting development for award season. FIYAH magazine is gearing up for their virtual FIYAHCON in October. To add to the fun they have also announced a new SFF Award named the IGNYTE award. “In the tradition of FIYAH, when we see a need going unfulfilled, we correct it. To that effect, we […]