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  • Review: Spiritfarer (Nintendo Switch)

    I am attempting to put some thought into the 2021 Hugo Award Video Game category. In earlier posts, I’ve tried to identify possible contenders and one reason for doing that is to help me make choices. There are a lot of games out there and the cost and time investment for games can be significant […]


  • Canon and Campbell

    There is an on-going discussion about SFF canon amid general dissatisfaction with a couple of related aspects of this years Hugo Awards. The short version of my take on all this is that canon is important but it is not THAT important. Put another way, there are books of great historical significance and there exactly […]

  • A few more Hugo Stats

    Firstly if you haven’t checked out Martin Pyne’s Sankey diagrams showing how the preferences flowed, check them out on Twitter: One thing we’ve looked at before is how many finalists should there be. I still think 6 is the sweet-spot and I also think this year validates that. This bubble graph compares the ranking of […]

  • BDP Short Graph of No Meaning

    This is still just messing around. The difference this time is I included the finals voting process as well. That’s dodgy obviously as it is a different method. I included directions this time but I’m still messing it up as the arrows point to where the votes came FROM not where they went to. Numbers […]

  • Hyperspace Fan Writer Network

    I don’t know a lot about social network analysis but I do know how to plug numbers into software I don’t entirely understand. So there’s no blistering insights from the following graph, I just thought it looked neat. This is the data from the previous post converted into a network graph. The thickness of the […]

  • EPH Fan Writer

    Just looking at how EPH operates and as fan writer is the most personally interesting (to me and some regular readers!) I thought I’d show an interesting aspect. As each person is eliminated, the points get redistributed. By looking at the change in points for each surviving nominee, you can calculate the proportion of points […]

  • Hugo 2020 Stats First Look

    Firstly, that ceremony was just not very good. Sorry ConNZ people, I know you’ve done a lot in difficult circumstances but yikes that was a slow landslide of bad things. The idea of long pre-recorded segments to allow for technical hitches was sound, having most of them been rambling dodgy anecdotes from GRR Martin with […]

  • Hugo Ceremony Link

    The livestream will be available here Times: Wellington NZ: Saturday 1 August 11 am Sydney AU: Saturday 1 August 9 am – nice! Perth AU/Hong Kong/Singapore: Saturday 1 August 7 am Delhi: Saturday 1 August 4:30 am Most of Europe & Africa: Saturday 1 August 1 am UK & other more westerly bits: Midnight […]

  • Look what just arrived…

    Very glossy!

  • What should go in the 2020 Hugosauriad addendum?

    I had a short Twitter conversation about the lack of Dinosaurs in this year’s Hugo Awards. There were two good suggestions from people: Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series has plesiosaurs in Book 5 Chaos Choreography. I’ve not truly engaged with Best Series but cryptids and prehistoric marine creatures are a different strand in dino-literature. Omphalos of […]