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  • Archive of Our Own is a work and its related and I’m really happy that it’s a Hugo finalist

    There is no Hugo category quite a broad in its definition as ‘Best Related Work’. The inclusions of Archive of Our Own ( as a finalists has caused some discussion about its eligibility. The rules for the category state: 3.3.6: Best Related Work.Any work related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing […]


  • 2019 Hugo Finalists

    Courtesy of File 770 here are the 2019 Hugo Finalists. My comments below. 2019 HUGO AWARD FINALISTS Best Novel No surprises here but I’m actually only 1/6 for what I’ve read but all of these where on my TBR list. Disappointed that Children of Time didn’t get its second chance at the ballot and […]

  • Looking for Fanwriters 4: A couple more names

    Just adding a couple more names. Both regular contributors to File 770. JJ – as well articles and reviews JJ has been collating resources on everything from novellas to fan-artists. | links: here and here and also Ingvar’s quirky comic stories are a regular feature at file 770| links:here

  • Some interesting Hugo eligibility questions

    A few eligibility questions came up today. First one. Alexandra Erin has an eligibility post up here: As I’ve been talking about Fan Writer, I’ll note that she has suggested that some of her Twitter threads are relevant to the category. She doesn’t cite a particular thread but I’ll mention one as it segues […]

  • Looking for Fan Writers 1

    As people who remember the original version of the 2018 Hugo Ceremony before I used a time machine to erase those events and replace them with an alternate version where I didn’t attend, I’m not seeking nominations this year just in case the compulsion to run around the auditorium shouting conspiracy theories and throwing purple […]

  • Research rabbit holes

    I’ve been living in the past! I wanted to write some stuff about the ‘space’ of people that form Fan writers. As ‘research’=’spreadsheet’ for some reason, I ended up with a spreadsheet of everybody who had been listed in the nomination data for the Hugo Fanwriter award from 2010 to 2018. That is quite a […]