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  • Hugosauriad 4.8: Uncanny Magazine and The Tale of the Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters… by Brooke Bolander

    The history of the Hugo Awards is intimately connected to the history of science-fiction and fantasy magazines. For decades Best Novel winners were often first published as serialised stories in the most notable magazines. By 2019 the age of the news stand sci-fi magazine was long over, although some venerable magazines were still in publication […]


  • Just one more Hugo stat

    There’s no great significance here, it is just a figure I calculated and thought I’d share. The Hugo stats gave figures for the number of nominating votes and the number of things nominated. The actual number of votes per nominee will follow some sort of power-law distribution but what if we just divide the number […]

  • Hugo 2019 Stats

    The results are in and it is time to look at what won and lost. Stats are here: My ballot (sort of) is here I think overall it was mainly safe, relatively conservative picks overall with only Archive of Our Own for Best Related Work being a case of the Hugo voters pushing […]

  • Watching the Hugo Awards

    Just placing these links here so they are easy to find: Live video streaming is via Vimeo and rather nicely the link tells me what time the event is scheduled in my time zone: 5 am Monday Morning Sydney time. So I shan’t be watching with a pint of Guinness in hand. Luckily that’s […]

  • How I hugo-voted (in some categories)

    This is how my final votes broke down for categories some key categories.* Novel: This was a set of three pairs. The overall order of those pairs was clear to me but the order within those pairs wasn’t. Spinning Silver The Calculating Stars Space Opera Revenant Gun Trail of Lightning Record of a Spaceborn Few […]

  • How many finalists? Crunching continued…

    This is a follow up to the earlier post. Read that post first for background and the data I’m looking at. I’ve looked at 2018 Hugo data for both stages: The nomination stage by EPH The final voting stage by IRV My impression was that there are some changes in the ranking between the two […]

  • Crunching reform or rollback

    There is an on-going discussion at File770 on the 5/6 Hugo nomination rule: While the Sad and Rabid Puppies slates were filling up most of the slots on the 2015 and 2016 Hugo ballots, majorities at the Worldcon business meetings passed and ratified several rules changes that made it much more difficult for that to […]

  • Hugo 2019 – I’m not doing Best Series

    The past two times I’ve found Best Series intractable but this year I was more hopeful I’d engage constructively with it. I’ve read some of all of each of the nominees, although only a small amount of two of them. Laundry Files, Centenal Cycle, Machineries of Empire and Wayfarers are each series that I’ve read […]

  • Hugo 2019 – Looking at Fanwriters Part 2

    I wanted to do this in two parts, first to look at the packets and then try and look beyond that. One approach to ranking a set of fanwriters for the Hugo Awards might be to pick the example in the packet for each writer that you thought was the best example of their work […]

  • Hugo 2019 – Looking at Fan Writers Part 1

    “Qui quos recenset recensere” is what Google Translate gives me for “who reviews those who review”. My first attempt was “who reviews the reviewers” but it wouldn’t translate “reviewers”. I wanted something closer to the famous Juvenal epigram “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”, but “Quis recenset ipsos recensere” back translated to “Who has an account of […]