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  • Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Five years of all this nonsense but what nonsense were people reading and when? I’m down here in the archive stacks of Felapton Towers and blowing the dust off the weird old filing cabinets to find out. These posts are just the numbers-game hits rather than special favourites and often other factors drove the traffic […]


  • How many finalists? Crunching continued…

    This is a follow up to the earlier post. Read that post first for background and the data I’m looking at. I’ve looked at 2018 Hugo data for both stages: The nomination stage by EPH The final voting stage by IRV My impression was that there are some changes in the ranking between the two […]

  • Crunching reform or rollback

    There is an on-going discussion at File770 on the 5/6 Hugo nomination rule: While the Sad and Rabid Puppies slates were filling up most of the slots on the 2015 and 2016 Hugo ballots, majorities at the Worldcon business meetings passed and ratified several rules changes that made it much more difficult for that to […]

  • How To Edit This Year’s Hugo Novel Finalists Into One Giant Voltron Like Book

    Obviously, the best way of approaching the six Hugo finalists is as seperate books with their own distinct plots and characters. However, imagine the book world was under attack by some giant monster and all the books had to team up to fight it, how would that work exactly? A reader who has considered the […]

  • So what is a fan writer anyway?

    I appear, for once, to have some sort of verifiable credential on the topic about which I’m writing but I also know that I don’t have a good grasp of the long history/tradition of fanwriting. What is a fan writer, what constitutes fan writing, is fan writing a genre of writing or does it come […]

  • Picking Through Hugo Numbers

    Some stray observations from here: No Award The spectral monster that both haunts and protects the Hugo Awards haven’t gone, it merely manifests less strongly.  No Award didn’t win anything (despite the claim that categories were ‘burnt to the ground’ in 2015) but still go some votes. Four ways of looking at it: The […]

  • Post Hugo Post

    So first off, thank you to everybody who voted for me. It really was special having Robert Silverberg present the awards. Sarah Gailey was a very deserving winner. I had a respectable showing but I guess the most elegant outcome would have been to have lost to No Award :). Results here and here […]

  • Hugo Wild Guesses

    It’s more fun to watch a competition with some bets on the action. I’ve no actual money on the results but if I was gambling these are my guesses. Note that these are not neccesarily what I voted #1 on my ballot or what I think *should* win, just what I’m guessing will win. Hugo […]

  • Hugo 2018: Novellas

    I will say it again: this category is where the action is. I don’t want to sound disrespectful to the nominees for Best Novel, if anything it is less exciting as a category because of the consistent quality of the work but it is a year of consolidation for Best Novel rather exploring new boundaries […]

  • Review: Down Among the Sticks & Bones (Novella) Seanan McGuire

    A prequel of sorts to Every Heart a Doorway, this novella fills in the backstory of two of the wayward characters in that novel but while Every Heart… was a story about what happens after a more conventional fantasy, this novella is a more straight-forward portal fantasy/contemporary fairy tale. Jack and Jill are two identical […]