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  • Hugosauriad 4.7: Extinction event 3 – Vox Day, Alien Strippers and Voting Reform

    Of all the stories I’ve covered in this series, this chapter has the most inconsequential. A story of little merit and no lasting impact, it exists simply to mark an end-point. It’s presence on the Hugo ballot was as a doomed attempt to repeat a prank that had already badly backfired on its perpetrator. When […]

  • Even More Hugo Wisdening

    I’ve never been a fan of cricket but my family growing up were and there were numerous copies of Wisden in the house, which for those who don’t know of it is best described here I guess some in the house hoped that I might find it intriguing and I could see the appeal but […]

  • Hugo Stats Time Some More

    …that last post got a bit derailed by a sudden and immediate loss of personal objectivity. OK the category to look at for EPH fun is Best Fan Artist. This category has a wide field, an intrinsically hard to judge topic, and low participation by voters. This means a much higher chance of a […]

  • Hugo Stats Time

    Two PDFs and a slightly different format than previous. The final No Award run-off rounds don’t seem to be listed but they aren’t relevant. [eta they are there I jsut wasn’t paying attention] Click to access HugoReport2_nominations.pdf The main vote stats are reassuringly dull. In most categories, the final winner got the most first round […]

  • Congratulations to the Hugo Winners 2017

    I missed most of the ceremony because of timezones but it was great to wake up and see all the good stuff that had won. Stats later I hope and it looks like File770 servers have been swamped again on Hugo night. Suprised but pleased that The Obelisk Gate won best novel. Brilliant book, but […]

  • I probably won’t be watching the Hugo Ceremony this year…and that’s OK :)

    Details of the Hugo Award Ceremony coverage are out here For those not at Worldcon, there will be live coverage both as a text stream and a video stream (see link above for details). It really is wonderful that people can participate at a distance in this way – it is easy to forget how technology […]

  • The Hugo Novellas Form One Weird Novel

    Gods, children, doors and keys – read the Hugo Novella finalists in the right order and you will get a weird, disjointed story about another world, close to ours, where pople become gods, those gods slowly lose their minds and their reality becomes fractured. To travel around this world or to reach ours requires magic […]

  • Bechdel and Hugos

    The Bechdel Test (or if you prefer, the Bechdel-Wallace Test) is back in the news because of a particularly silly essay in the conservative National Review Now, yes, it is not some infallible instrument of feminist quality but it does a couple of things well: It is simple and sounds in principle like an easy […]

  • Hugo Ballot 2017 – Novellas!

    Last one of these – not time left to do justice to reviewing other categories. Best Series? Sorry, but I have failed to tackle it in any meaningful way. I’ll vote on the artist categories and maybe editor categories, as well as the ‘zine categories. Podcast? Sorry casters but I’ve not had the time to […]

  • Review: The Dream-Quest of Vellit Boe – Hugo 2017 Novella

    In the lands of Dreaming, in the city of Ulthar, Vellit Boe has given up a life of wandering to become a professor at a college for young women, but when the daughter of a powerful man runs away with her lover to seek a new life in the waking world, Vellit Boe must follow […]