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  • Thirteen Notable Video Games of 2020 (maybe?)

    The other week I linked to a few “best of…” lists for 2020. On Twitter, Hampus also suggested another round-up source here I’ve since collated those lists along with the video games already listed on the Hugo Sheet of Doom. I’ll confess that I have taken a scattershot approach to deciding whether games are […]

  • What is it like to be in a world

    Yesterday I was musing at length about a Video Game Hugo. At that point, I think I was still very focused on story and narrative. Looking back at what I wrote yesterday and what I wrote back in 2015, I can see I used two examples of notable games that I have played and which […]

  • Video Game Hugo

    DisCon III have decided to use their discretionary power to include a one-off (for the time being) Best Video Game category for the 2021 Hugo Awards. Extensive coverage here I wrote a post on the possibility way, way back in 2015 where I was thinking about ways of focusing the award on the […]

  • A Hugo for games?

    This is an aside on to the rambling series on what purpose the Hugo Awards may have and an elevated comment from File 770. Among the new ways that SF/F is experienced by people as a form of entertainment are video games. Calling it ‘new’ may seem absurd when video games aren’t a lot younger […]