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  • Some second amendment sources

    So, having said I’d dive into a book about the second amendment once it comes out, there is an obviously underdeveloped area in my background knowledge. While I’ve often got into the weeds on gun statistics and gun control policy, a lot of that has been from the perspective of a non-American online debunking absurd […]


  • An interesting diagram

    I’m still magpie-like gathering sources in anticipation of Larry Correia’s first non-fiction book on why Americans should continue to shoot each other. One of the topics likely to be there is the idea that gun owners are useful in the event of mass shootings. Claims around this are vague and hard to substantiate statistically partly […]

  • What happened to serial killers?

    This post came out of some tangential reading around trends in a related topic: the increase in mass shootings in the US (or rather whether there was an increase). Murder is an ugly topic and multiple murders even uglier but it is also a topic that generates a lot of cultural engagement via news, true […]

  • More notes for January

    Larry Correia’s forthcoming book on guns-n-stuff won’t be released for a few months still but the probable contents is revealed by other means. A recent Twitter thread has been compiled here and while it is somewhat of an incoherent rant, it does provide a glimpse into forthcoming topics. “For my upcoming gun rights book […]

  • Just putting this here for when I need it in January

    [Content warning: some discussion of risk factors in suicide] A central argument for widespread gun ownership is for the protection of the gun owner’s families and themselves in their home. This is not the only argument obviously. Gun rights advocates will also point to self-defence outside of their home (in particular in defence of concealed […]

  • Baen: Paranoia, perceived provocation, and politics

    The web forum known as Baen’s Bar is once again being criticised for the apparent violent comments in one of its subsections. There is coverage here at File 770 ( item 2) of a Tweet by Jay Blanc. That Tweet has since been removed by Twitter: “My twitter account is now locked and disabled due […]

  • Ugly Connections Part 2

    This is a follow-up post to one from January this year: Late in December 2021 a gunman went on a killing spree in Denver. The murders appear to be reprisals for imagined slights. The added twist to the killings was that the murderer had also been a (sort of) science fiction author with a […]

  • Explaining rhetorical questions to professional writers

    I suppose rhetorical questions can be confusing to people particularly ones where the person doing the asking already knows the truth of the matter. Why ask a question if the questioner already has an answer? Perhaps to illustrate a point or perhaps in the vain hope of some self reflection. In the case of gun-owning […]

  • The Virus, The Lockdown and the Wingnut Eschatology

    A post really wasn’t coming together on all this stuff on the anti-lockdown ‘movement’ among the US right. However, I wanted a bunch of links in one place to come back to later. The whys and the hows and whos and how it all connects to money, oil and denial is sort of there. I […]

  • The Gun Lobby

    The big story in Australia currently is the undercover video of senior members of the far right anti-immigration party One Nation attempting to gain money from pro-gun lobbyists. In a distinctly Australian twist, their defense has been that they were drunk at the time: I was a bit wary of the story initially, as […]