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  • Some Graphs to Start the Year

    Not wanting to start your year with doom, I waited a day. I didn’t post much satellite global temperature data last year because I was busy. Here’s how things look up to November 2021. The usual caveats apply here: not the best temperature record but the one that side-steps some time-wasting arguments. If you focus […]

  • A different view of culture wars and Science Fiction

    I haven’t linked to Sarah Hoyt’s Mad Genius Club blog for a long time, mainly because much of what she is posting is not well structured. However, a recent post was germane to my interests and has some overlap with the Debarkle project. The post is rambling and full of odd leaps and flawed premises […]

  • Some graphs for February

    I’m jumping between two different topics rather than doing separate posts. Firstly, global temperatures. As per usual, I’m looking at the satellite data set from UAH, not because it’s the best but because it avoids a couple of bad faith arguments about the data: La Niña slowing things down right now, making for a relatively […]

  • La Niña and other climate news

    Good news for Australia, more mixed news for other places. The Australian Bureau of Metrology is reporting that “The Bureau’s ENSO Outlook has moved to LA NIÑA, indicating La Niña is established in the tropical Pacific. All surveyed international climate models indicate this La Niña will persist until at least January 2021.” Both La Niña and negative IOD typically increase the […]

  • A Cat Reads Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    [September 25, 2019, Felapton Towers]Good evening everybody, it is I, Timothy the Talking Cat, speaking to you from the magnificent library within my palatial home in Bortsworth, in the green, pleasant and European Union free kingdom of England. God bless her and all who sail upon her. Today I have mostly been reading Hyperion by […]

  • Meanwhile…global warming

    Once again a reminder that amid all our other problems, global warming is still playing on like an insistent bass-line behind a discordant melody. The usual caveats apply: not the best source nor the best data set but using this one side-steps some pointless arguments. The current ‘low’ is well above many historical peaks.

  • …also global warming…

    …is still very much happening. A monthly reminder of temperatures creeping upwards. As I usually do, here is the UAH satellite-based temperature. The usual caveats apply: this isn’t the best temperature record but it side steps some tiresome arguments. But while I’m here it’s worth taking a step back to a different tiresome argument that […]

  • The Virus, The Lockdown and the Wingnut Eschatology

    A post really wasn’t coming together on all this stuff on the anti-lockdown ‘movement’ among the US right. However, I wanted a bunch of links in one place to come back to later. The whys and the hows and whos and how it all connects to money, oil and denial is sort of there. I […]

  • A study in denial

    I could have written a post like this one every other day for the past few weeks. Highlight one of the right-wing blogs I read and talk about their reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. The story would be the same over and over: a mix of genuine confusion, an even more irrational faith in free […]

  • Feb Satellite temps

    Usual caveats etc, etc. This is the graph for February from the usual (flawed) source: I’m actually a bit sceptical about that, even with a hellish summer down under that’s a big jump given that its not El Niño conditions. Roy Spencer (again, see usual caveats) has a follow up post speculating on the warming […]

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