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  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.10: Conclusion

    If you didn’t believe that anthropogenic global warming was true, how would you express that in fiction? There are three choices: The bulk of right-wing speculative fiction chooses the third option, but so does a lot of near-future speculative fiction in general. To be “climate fiction”, the climate or climate science needs to be a […]


  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.09: Bits and pieces and odds and ends

    So is that the entirety of contrarian climate fiction? Four books one of which is isn’t even contrarian just behind the times? Yes, more or less for books of any influence and by that standard The Last Centurion barely rates a mention. However, there are some examples of books with almost no impact at all […]

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.08: The Last Centurion

    A sub-theme of this series is the popularisation of science and the role of science journalism within climate contrarian. We started with James P. Hogan in OMNI in 1993, and later we dived back to Analog in the 1980s. If like me, you are British, then you probably got your weekly hit of science news […]

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.07: Aftermath 2005

    Jerry Pournelle may have been behind the times on climate change but he had always been an early adopter of computer technology. By the early 2000’s Pournelle was already an active blogger (although he disliked that specific term). His views on global warming had changed very little and would continue not to change very much. […]

  • Journey Planet: Anthropocene Ruminations

    Issue 67 of the celebrated fanzine Journey Planet is guest edited by the duo behind the Hugo Bookclub. It is packed with great people including friends of this blog and my dive into Fallen Angels & State of Fear. Guest Editors – Amanda Wakaruk & Olav RokneConversation with Kim Stanley Robinson by Olav RokneThe Roadmap […]

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.05: A little more pollution please

    In 2012 author Michael Flynn discussed some of the science and influences on his book Fallen Angels which he coauthored with Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. He describes the central conceit of the novel (that action to limit global warming had accidentally triggered serve global cooling) in the following terms: “Now this is a common […]

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.04: The Sixth Winter

    John Gribbin and Douglas Orgill wrote a near-future climate thriller, The Sixth Winter, published in 1979. The central figure is a heroic climate scientist who goes on a global trotting adventure at the request of the US President to find evidence of a sudden onslaught of ice. The book is far from the first piece […]

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.03: Forecasts, Famine and Freezes

    John Gribbin is a science writer and astrophysicist and despite his inclusion in this series, he is not to my knowledge a climate science denialist or a global warming contrarian. Indeed, he has written several books about the reality of global warming. However, science writing is just as much a victim of choosing the more […]

  • Contrarian-CliFi 0.02: The premise

    Climate fiction attempts to address the current issues of human-caused climate change via fiction. As a major aspect of 21st-century life, climate fiction is not necessarily a sub-genre of science fiction but in lists and definitions of the genre, notable science fiction writers such as Kim Stanley Robinson are often cited as examples. As readers […]

  • Contrarian-CliFi 0.01: Omni 1993

    Starting another occasional series without finishing the last one? Yes, I am but I like to follow tangents. Like the Rockets & Raytheon essays, I’m following strands of right-wing and reactionary thought within science fiction. Back in October, I was writing a review for somewhere else (to be published soon) of a couple of works […]