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  • Review: Spiritfarer (Nintendo Switch)

    I am attempting to put some thought into the 2021 Hugo Award Video Game category. In earlier posts, I’ve tried to identify possible contenders and one reason for doing that is to help me make choices. There are a lot of games out there and the cost and time investment for games can be significant […]

  • Some Hugo Video Game Contenders

    In what has become a seasonal tradition the ever useful Lady Business Hugo Sheet of Doom is up and running for 2021 nominations For anybody interested there are already 40 crowd-sourced suggestions for Best Video Game. I have played two of them: Animal Crossing: New Horizon and (currently playing badly even for a game […]

  • What is it like to be in a world

    Yesterday I was musing at length about a Video Game Hugo. At that point, I think I was still very focused on story and narrative. Looking back at what I wrote yesterday and what I wrote back in 2015, I can see I used two examples of notable games that I have played and which […]

  • Video Game Hugo

    DisCon III have decided to use their discretionary power to include a one-off (for the time being) Best Video Game category for the 2021 Hugo Awards. Extensive coverage here I wrote a post on the possibility way, way back in 2015 where I was thinking about ways of focusing the award on the […]

  • Looking at the Hugo Game/Interactive Experience proposal

    Ira Alexandre of Lady Business has put together an extraordinarily well researched proposal for a Hugo Award for Games and ‘Interactive Experiences’. There are overview posts at Lady Business Dreamwidth page and at File 770. Accompanying the overview is an extensive Google Docs document with a longer analysis, examples and statistics. It’s not a quick […]

  • More on that video game sexism study

    In a post entitled An insight into video game sexism? I’m in two minds… I looked at a PLOS One study into how people playing HALO online reacted verbally to players they considered female. The paper recieved a lot of coverage because of its takeaway claim that the more verbally abusive players were losers. While […]

  • An insight into video game sexism? I’m in two minds…

    There is an interesting paper (with an odd flaw) on sexism in online video games. It was published the other day on PLOS ONE and can be read in full here: Hoorah for open access! [You can even download their data and their R scripts] Two researchers (Kasumovic from UNSW in Sydney and Kuznekoff […]

  • squee type noises

    I’m pathetic, I know, I know…

  • Fighting and not fighting

    There is an interesting article here: It discusses the reliance of fighting in video games – that is the extent to which the standard mechanic in games is to resolve conflict with a fight. To use the words of the article: In video games, violence—that is, being good at enacting violence more effectively than, […]

  • A Hugo for games?

    This is an aside on to the rambling series on what purpose the Hugo Awards may have and an elevated comment from File 770. Among the new ways that SF/F is experienced by people as a form of entertainment are video games. Calling it ‘new’ may seem absurd when video games aren’t a lot younger […]