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  • On site selection

    There is a lively discussion at File 770 on an open letter from a long list of authors objecting to the 2023 Worldcon being held in Chegdu, China on the basis of China’s human rights abuses. I thought Hampus’s comment was very relevant: “Any metric regarding the Uyghurs would also have stopped US from […]

  • A graph for reference

    This is for the next Debarkle chapter. I haven’t been including images of any kind other than the banner image because they are pain to deal with when reformatting. However, I made this graph so I could make a general comment in the next chapter (along the lines of ‘the number of articles increased’). The […]

  • Googles are from Mars, N-grams are from Venus

    Some more graphs on the same topic of Mars versus Venus in popular culture following from my earlier post. ( In the comments to the last post, Andrew suggested “Venerians” is another term that was used for hypothetical beings from Venus. I’ve changed my Venus search term to Venusians+Venerians. Here’s the full span 1800 to […]

  • Martians are more popular than Venusians

    I thought this comment at File 770 was interesting However, I realised that the Google n-gram site would provide a neat empirical confirmation of Mars bias in popular culture. I did a search on Martians and Venusians, choosing the inhabitants rather than the planets to avoid hits about astronomy or the gods. I cut […]

  • Tying up old plot lines

    Tying up old plot lines

    There is a lot of noise amid the right-SF social media sphere currently. It’s very free form and the broader cause is that in mainstream SF&F communities there has been the recent cases of some very prominent and well connected men being held accountable for the way they have been treating other people (earlier coverage). […]

  • Five years…

    I meant to note this the other day but I couldn’t decide whether the 1st of February or 2nd of February was the best date (particularly given time zone differences). So I’ve ended up with 3rd of February instead… Either way…it was five years ago (Feb 1 2015 and Feb 2 2015) that the Sad […]

  • Vox Day objects to a two-year old post

    Well this is very odd. Infamous nationalist Vox Day has a new post [ ] dedicated to little old me but oddly it is about this post from two years ago: “One of the more inept File 770ers – which is saying something – is Camestros Fappletron. His Gamma backside is still burning from […]

  • Using My Time Machine to Fix Right Wing Views on Climate

    Ha! Tricked you all! This is a post about Larry Correia again! Larry has suddenly decided that he is really into more literary science-fiction and is making an assertive defence of Dan Simmons. Simmons (an author whose books I do actively seek out) went off an a bit of anti-Greta Thunberg thung on Facebook. Many […]

  • Authors behaving badly: Episode# 1,234,543 Richard Fox

    I won’t add much commentary but if you haven’t already read Mike Glyer’s piece on Richard Fox’s poor behaviour: For earlier context see: I know that Mike Glyer takes book piracy seriously and I know that I do. Fake DMCA notices, as well as being an increase in hostile tactics deployed […]

  • I Guess I’m Talking About John Scalzi Today

    I woke up to find Twitter aflame with people discussing a column in the fanzine Beam that opens with: “So fuck John Scalzi anyway.” There is a link in this tweet from the man himself where he replies. There are also some interesting responses on Twitter from Kameron Hurley and Alexandra Erin. The gist of […]

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