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  • People may enjoy the figurative aspects of this

    I haven’t linked to former Sad Puppy outlet Mad Genius Club in a long while and nor have I discussed my compatriot Dave Freer’s unusual anecdotes for some time. I am a man of some restraint but when Dave literally loses his shit how can I not link to it? The background is that he […]

  • Evil and influence

    [Content warning: post covers news stories about sexual abuse] We’ve covered the right wing trad-catholic obsession with demons as an explanation for un-hellish activity before. This time the news of demons up to no good comes from the musician/game designer/columinst/author/publisher/film producer and hypothetical litigant Vox Day (link for reference ) Day is not a […]

  • It is not ethical to pirate an author’s work without their permission

    I wanted to expand on a tweet I posted yesterday evening. The context is an on-going argument about changes Internet Archive made to how they allow people to borrow in-copyright books online in response to the Covid-19 crisis (see and IA’s explanation here ) In response to an article on NPR about the […]

  • The Romance Writers of America confusingly rule against criticising books for racism

    The world of romance writing has fallen into a major dispute after an official ruling was made against author and advocate Courtney Milan apparently for criticising racist tropes in a book. News coverage here I say “apparently” because the gist of the finding against Milan is very unclear in the report of the committee.

  • It’s cosmological arguments all the way down

    For those keeping score not only has Inaugural Dragon Award Winner for Best Horror Novel Not to Feature an Actual Horror Novel, Brian Niemeier got a new post about the existence of god up ( ) but in a outbreak of morphic resonance John C Wright has a post up about the cosmological argument as […]

  • Ye Olde Skull & Lobster: Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: Part N+1

    When P.Z. Myers is cited positively and unironically by Vox Day, you know there’s something amiss with the universe. There’s heresy in the air and right-on-right attacks going down. On the one hand, we have Jordan Peterson: transphobic right-wing purveyor of semi-coherent self-help books for people frightened by women going to university. On the other […]

  • CoOrDiNaTeD aTtAcKs!

    Cast your minds back to April 7 2015. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were beaten by the Connecticut Huskies in the NCAA Division I women’s basketball championship and Senator Rand Paul announced he was going to run for the Republic nomination for President of the United States. Meanwhile, in Sad Puppy related news, Larry Correia […]

  • Claims and false claims

    [A content warning: this post discusses sexual assault reports.] All reports of a crime have potential consequences. We live in an age where false reports of crimes lead to death and where “SWATting” is a murderous prank. However, only one class of crime leads to constant concern from conservatives that false allegations are sufficiently common […]

  • How big is a mob anyway?

    While I had more important things to post about today, I couldn’t let this post by Brad Torgersen go by without some comment. Having said that, this isn’t a Brad bashing piece. Rather, some of his comments got me thinking about some of the language we use (as well as touching on some questions about […]

  • The trope that changed my mind

    Major spoilers for Get Out and lesser spoilers for Six Wakes follow below. This got long and warnings around topics that touch on (but don’t discuss in detail) body image. Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Mur Lafferty’s Six Wakes occupy different genres of speculative fiction. One is a contemporary horror film that examines privilege and […]

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