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  • Further Annals of Libertarians Discovering Capitalism Sucks

    I alluded to Larry Correia’s feelings being hurt by the action of Apple, Google and Amazon against conservative social media service Parler. As a reminder, Parler as well a being a privacy-data nightmare had such weak moderation processes that it was beset with issues with threats of violence. Larry, who has been tirelessly pushing electoral […]

  • A study in denial

    I could have written a post like this one every other day for the past few weeks. Highlight one of the right-wing blogs I read and talk about their reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. The story would be the same over and over: a mix of genuine confusion, an even more irrational faith in free […]

  • It is not ethical to pirate an author’s work without their permission

    I wanted to expand on a tweet I posted yesterday evening. The context is an on-going argument about changes Internet Archive made to how they allow people to borrow in-copyright books online in response to the Covid-19 crisis (see and IA’s explanation here ) In response to an article on NPR about the […]

  • And today’s Puppy target is…amateur authors!

    Bless Dave Freer of the Mad Genius Club, he’s taken off from a comment here and woven a delicate confection of post spun from the purest hot air. “Just the profession of writing.That’s what the purpose of the site always has been. That’s what we’ve paid forward thousands of hours of our time to. […]

  • Today’s Graph: US Real GDP per Capita

    The data was from here US Real GDP from 1870 to 2017, adjusted to 2012 prices. Looked at as a whole America is not poor and America is not particularly short of money per person compared with previous decades. I know that is, on one level, an unremarkable thing to say but there has […]

  • Dragons and wealth inequality

    I’m sure this must have been discussed before but I’m too lazy to look on a cold morning. Dragons of the Smaug-Tolkien variety must have some interesting economic impacts. Smaug hoards gold and jewels in vast quantities. Notably, Smaug (and presumably other gold obsessed dragons) know specifically what they have hoarded. When Bilbo steals one […]

  • (W)Right Confusion

    There is a very odd review of Bat Girl Year One on Hugo Award Nominated* John C Wright’s blog here Did I say odd? I meant to say predictable. He dislikes it because he smells feminism – who’d have thought feminism might turn up in a story about young woman who decided to fight […]

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