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  • Never Change, Dragon Award Website

    Clearly somebody went in and fixed up the link to show the winners but didn’t change the bit saying voting was open…

  • Some Dragon Award Numbers

    Officially fewer people voted but the exact number is unclear. “More than 8,000 fans cast ballots for Dragon Award winners, selected from among 93 properties in 15 categories covering the full range of fiction, comics, television, movies, video gaming, and tabletop gaming.” Last year’s press release used the same wording but said “10,000” […]

  • 2020 Dragon Awards

    Well, I can say what I like about the Dragon Awards but their livestream award announcement beat the Hugo Award in terms of efficiency and general presentation. The winners (I missed the games) are: Best Science Fiction Novel: The Last Emperox by John Scalzi Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal): The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern […]

  • I’m counting pronouns

    I woke up late because I was working late on things from the mundane physical world, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they are rows and rows think they are columns. This meant this morning I had less time for my entertainment, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they […]

  • The Webtoon Short Story Contest

    Webtoon is an online comic company that uses the Korean style of online comics and has become an increasingly popular platform for graphic stories. I mentioned Webtoon mostly recently in my summary of James Davis Nicoll’s Hugo Packet where he reviewed this series Where there are stories gathered together there are story competitions and […]

  • So what’s actually changed with the Dragons?

    There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth and lamentations unto heaven about this year’s crop of Dragon Award finalists. However, the level of woe is not matched by volume — it’s really just from a small corner i.e. Declan Finn ( and Brian Niemeier ( Other authors of a woeful-hound aspect are either ignoring […]

  • 2020 Dragon Award Ballot (for reals this time)

    Of the many, many awards named after Dragons there is also the DragonCon Dragon Awards and their 2020 ballot has been announced as scheduled in the first full week of August (discounting the first full week of August as a practice week). The ballot is…interesting. It’s a very Septembery ballot, or at least that’s […]

  • Good News About the Dragon Awards*

    And by that of course I mean the Golden Dragon Awards of the Druk International Film Festival. “Druk International Film Festival (DIFF) is a monthly live screening film, music, and screenwriting competition with a live Annual Screening & Awards Show Event in the land of natural paradise Paro in Bhutan……All monthly winners of the […]

  • More Dragon Award Content

    A part 2 has appeared for the Dragon Award’s “Blast From the Past” series ( ). The Dragon’s are highly unlikely to win their usual championship for Most Shambolic Major SFF Award Ceremony this year and as DragonCon is virtual this year, it may even be a streamed ceremony. However, the Dragon’s remain a hot […]

  • Curious…

    Just looking at referrer traffic to the blog and saw this: A warm Felapton Towers welcome to our eight visitors from the Dragon Con website!