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  • Fixing the Dragon Awards isn’t my problem

    …but I’ll write about it anyway. There are a whole bunch of elements here and I thought I’d try and tease them out. I go on a bit.

  • The Dragon Awards Reconsider

    I’ve not much commentary here, this post is more completeness given the previous coverage. After generally making fools of themselves, the Dragon Awards have announced that they will let authors withdraw. Here is their official statement: “And then, over the last couple of days, we got an earful from our fans and others. The […]

  • So I Just Completed My Dragon Award Ballot…

    Brian Niemeier has a podcast on his blog rather hesitantly trying to spin his recent antics. It is the same persecution narrative as previously. His evidence that the “CHORFs” are attempting to take over the Dragon Awards amounts to two things: Somebody told him (he doesn’t say who or when or quote anybody, so…) John […]

  • What if they had a culture war and nobody turned up?

    File770 has a round-up of the Dragon Award antics from the Puppy and Scrappy quarters today: The short version. Two authors have asked to withdraw: Alison Littlewood – who was an unwilling nominee on the Rabid Puppy slate and doesn’t want her book or her name associated with it. John Scalzi – who took one […]

  • Niemeier wants the Dragon Awards to be a culture war but The Culture doesn’t want to play

    A new post from Brian Niemeier who is, as they like to say, “doubling down” on his vote strategy for the Dragon Awards: Everything goes into the kitchen sink there but luckily we are spared suggestions that demonic forces are at work. The main target being, of course, John Scalzi. Of course, what Brian forgets is […]

  • Dragon Awards – A look at the MilSF Category

    I found another error in my collated list. I had Invasion: Resistance by J.F. Holmes listed as “Organic” for some reason whereas Holmes had two books in play, the other being ZK: Fallen by J.F. Holmes. So some effective promotion on the basis of a Facebook post and some devoted fans. Again, I don’t want to sound […]

  • Dragon Award Analysis – More Baseless Speculation

    What are the nominees like? Group 1: Stuff nominated elsewhere or pretty darn famous. In this group I’d include John Scalzi’s book, The Obelisk Gate, Babylon’s Ashes. I’d also include Walkaway by Cory Doctorow here and the Rick Riodarn book also. Group 2: Stuff you might think would get nominated based on the general promotion. […]

  • Dragon Award Analysis – First Look

    So for starters look at this list of finalists and this set of projections from me. So how did I do? Not bad, if I say so myself. 32 works on my list ended up being finalists and 25 didn’t. That’s a nice sweet spot for looking at what did and didn’t make it. More […]

  • Time for those Dragon Projections!

    I promised this awhile ago but I’ll explain it all again. These are most definitely NOT predictions. I have no idea what will be a Dragon Award finalist and there are way to many unknowns to make a decent guess. In particular as far as I can tell the rules (which have reappeared) allow the […]

  • More Dragon Award Projections

    On July 25 or thereabouts, I’ll publish a list of works I’ve seen people put forward as Dragon Award nominees. The main sources are here: I’ve picked up a few others since but these are mainly a single author on Facebook or other social media waving vaugely at the awards and their books. In […]