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  • Weber & Correia on the mil-SF Dragon Award

    Thanks to Doris for pointing out that David Weber had responded to the recent change in the Dragon Award categories. As with all things Dragon Awards, there are implied facts about the awards that are hard to establish. Weber speaks as if he has inside knowledge about the decision but cites no sources or places […]


  • Some mil-SF Dragon Award reactions

    Cora pointed me towards some reactions from right-wing circles to the recent Dragon Award announcement that the military science fiction category had been removed for 2023. I’d been expecting some reaction but after a couple of days, it appeared like nobody who didn’t read the File 770 coverage had noticed. I shouldn’t have worried. Obviously, […]

  • Dragon Changes

    Apparently, it is Dragon week at Felapton Towers. We’ve had a house of dragons, a prince of dragons and now an award of Dragons. File 770 reports that changes are afoot at the Dragon Awards: “The Dragon Award administrators have announced they will reduce the number of award categories from last year’s 15 to 11 […]

  • The Dragon Awards: Some things haven’t changed

    In this post about the Dragon Award finalists I included a table showing the gender split of the winners in the three headline categories (Best sci-fi, fantasy & horror – the categories easiest to compare with other awards). With the announcement of the Dragon winners yesterday, here is the updated version of the table. Year […]

  • How the Dragon Awards went mainstream

    The gender proportions on the Dragon Awards have shifted over time but they still lean more male than female (see ). What critics and supporters of the award (or perhaps former critics and former supporters) have noted is that the awards have become more mainstream over time. The biggest outcry about this was in […]

  • Dragon Award Gender Stats

    Counts by finalist, only including the story categories (books & comics). For ease of data collection and verification, I counted by pronoun used and checked against a quick web search. This may still contain errors. Each author is counted separately, so a book with two authors has two entries. Year group he/him she/her they/them 2016 […]

  • Dragon Award 2022 Finalists

    File 770 has the list. So, I’m surprised Eric Flint isn’t a finalist although the alt-history series he started gets a nod. No Larry Correia in Best Fantasy, is less of a surprise as he’d probably turn down the nomination based on past statements. However, I’m more surprised that the Correia/Diamond Servants of War […]

  • Fun Dragon Award Fact of the Week

    “Dragon Award” as I’ve pointed out before, is a terrible choice of name for Search Engine Optimisation. Even so, there are ways of searching for info on Dragon Con’s awards that skirt around the other Dragon Awards out there. For example, you can’t just search Twitter for “Dragon Award” because the latest result is this: […]

  • Dragon Award Coverage

    I’ve not written much about the Dragon Awards this year. As always, the Dragon Award website is singularly unhelpful but the finalists should be announced soonish I think. This week? Next week? Placed in a broom closet with a sign saying beware of the leopard? Who knows. What to expect. Baen has been more active […]

  • Ugly Connections Part 2

    This is a follow-up post to one from January this year: Late in December 2021 a gunman went on a killing spree in Denver. The murders appear to be reprisals for imagined slights. The added twist to the killings was that the murderer had also been a (sort of) science fiction author with a […]