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  • Dragon Award Update

    You are all used to my habits now and you all know that one of my favourite topics for posts is non-news about the Dragon Award. In a major step forward for the Dragons, they appear to have forgotten to tell everybody who won. You can find out from Twitter threads or File 770 […]

  • Dragon Awards 2015! Sorry…Dragon Awards 2021!

    The sum total per year of my moaning about the Dragon Award has decreased but it remains a frustrating thing to follow. Consider this, the following day from the announcement, the Dragon Award website doesn’t list the winners yet and the press release from Dragon Con Media Relations is still about the 2020 award […]

  • Fact-checking really old comments on other people’s blogs long after the fact

    …And then posting it here because this blog is just where things fall out of my head like one of those sci-fi junkyard planets. So from 2016, I saw was a puppy supporter saying Larry Correia was outselling N.K.Jemisin by a huge margin. Given the state of information about book sales that is a tough […]

  • Some Dragon Award 2021 Finalist Stats

    I’m still working through classifying the finalists by publisher but I have done a preliminary classification by pronouns. As always, I’m not doing the TV/Movie or game categories. I am including the comics/graphic novel for some stats. I believe with the pronoun counts only Grant Morrison is currently using “they/them”. If people are aware of […]

  • Dragon Awards 2021

    Phew! Glad I got that Debarkle chapter done in time. The ballot has just landed in my inbox. Looks suspiciously readable…Declan won’t be happy but the MilSF is more your classic Dragon Award. I’ve not crunched the numbers but the gender split looks better. Two Red Wombats? Space Sweepers! 1. Best Science Fiction Novel Attack […]

  • OK I forgot about the Dragon Awards

    OK I forgot about the Dragon Awards

    …I hope the Red Panda Fraction forgives me! I intended to vote but the deadline zipped by and before you know it, it’s the last day of July already! So how are things looking for the Dragon Awards? Last year, after the normal shambolic start, the Dragons took some steps to better promote themselves including […]

  • About three months to the Dragon Award 2021 finalists

    I’m behind on all sorts of regular topics but I want to keep an eye on the Dragon Awards because I always have. It’s a thing. Last year, the awards did a mainstream pivot and also improved some aspects of the website including more articles. The awards themselves collaborated with the Fulton County Library System […]

  • A Superversive eligibility list

    I’ve not seen anybody try to do this on the right-hand lane of fandom for awhile. L Jagi Lamplighter is compiling a great big list of 2020 SFF works on the Superversive blog. Sensibly she is keeping it low-tech. People put suggestions in the comments and then periodically she’ll update the list on the blog. […]

  • Debarkle: Draft outline

    Coming this month (and probably for most of the year) is “Debarkle”, a history of the Puppy Kerfuffle of 2015, the events that preceded it, the political context and how it presaged events in US politics that followed it. What follows is the draft section and chapter order. Naturally, what will actually happen is something […]

  • Dragon Awards 2021

    Usually my Dragon Award coverage is about how nobody knows what is going on because the website is broken and/or contradictory. Currently that’s not the case. Nominations opened on time last November and that’s what the site says and the links work. Well, most of the links work. To nominate you have to agree to […]

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