Blog Round Up

I haven’t done of these for awhile and so some of links have been sitting there for some time and are now a bit old. Sorry.

A review website I haven’t seen before popped up in my like Geekritique and

Alex Acks review of Captain America: Civil War is squee-tastic

A discussion of Bertrand Russell’s classic essay

Is the concept art for Wakanda in the new Black Panther movie too close to the international style? Interesting discussion  and from the same blog a Rogue One review

I’ve been reading Brooke Bolander on Twitter but hadn’t visited her blog before. Here’s a review of the The Last Guardian

At Eruditorum Press, Josh Marsfelder looks back at the Zelda game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

Alexandra Erin has been writing some extraordinary Tweet storms on Trump. Here is some blog commentary for those who prefer to avoid the sink-hole of Twitter

Ann Leckie discusses tea

Some other things:


William Henry Harrison, Beautician




Blog Round Up!

I have been very remiss in doing one of these. A mix of links and places and things I’ve read. Some are old because I forgot to do one of these posts:

Steve J Wright has a review of Ninefox Gambit

I usually end up linking to Cora Buhlert’s Hugo related posts – which is a disservice in so far as she writes about lots of other things. In this case, an announcement of a new series with some unconventionally star-crossed lovers:

Aaron Pound has some coverage of the Retro Hugo’s

S.Schwatrz has thoughts on message fiction and also some ruminations on poking badgers with spoons

A different perspective on the 2016 Hugos from Sami Sundell

Chris Gerrib has a rumination on rules and when to break them it’s a neat example but it illustrates a deeper point. Most rules, procedures, even guiding principles have some sort of purpose (and Aristotelean final cause if you like). Understanding the ‘why’ of them matters.

I know everybody has read, applauded and linked to Ursula Vernon’s ‘This Vote is Legally Binding’ but here it is again because it is worth reading again!

Nicholas Whyte on Watership Down

Natalie Luhrs has a long piece on the issues with the World Fantasy Convention

Abby Howards JSPH is back in action after a hiatus

Plus lots of things I read but can’t find a link too – you know that thing, it was great, you should read it…




Blog and other things Round Up

Alexandra Erin has returned to the fray with a new Puppies review children’s books parody and there is also a blog post on writing it

Ursula Red Wombat Vernon has playing with book covers at her LiveJournal (no Walruses sadly)

‘Ugh’ at Obsidian Wings explains how the US Federal Government ends up regulating school bathrooms against bigotry

Abby Howard’s gloriously oddly spooky The Last Halloween has reached the end of Book 1 and also has kickstarter for physical version

A late Easter cartoon

James Nicoll Reviews…Blake’s 7 Sarcophagus by Tanith Lee, a 1980 3rd Season episode of the infamously clunky-but-interesting BBC show



It’s time for…blog round up

Hemant Mehta talks to atheists who plan to vote Republican in the US presidential election.

Speaking of which Skepchick, Alex Rudewell looks into whether notable skeptic, Michale Shermer is supporting Donald Trump

And while we are in that general space of religion and atheism, Mano Singham has piece about a kind of modern day temple-prostitution.

Moving onto to more SFnal things, Cora Buhlert has her regular Indie Speculative Fiction of the month post

And still at Cora’s a further round up of Nebula Award reactions:

Rachael Acks watched the movie ‘Gods of Egypt’ while drunk and blogged about it for charity. Her write up has a Venn diagram in it which is great but the movie has ‘no wangs’ (as she puts it) which considering this is supposed to be a retelling of the Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set story is a glaring omission. Rather like having a movie of the New Testament and leaving out crosses. Anway, a laugh-out-loud funny review.

Kate Paulk at Mad Genius describes the next steps in Sad Puppy 4 The comments go off on a hilarious tangent about how Mad Genius is so much better because they don’t moderate people much unlike File 770 which does because everybody knows that John Scalzi moderates his comments. I simply said ‘Hmmmmmmm’ because raising one’s eyebrows in a way to suggest ‘have you actually thought about what you are saying?’ doesn’t work over the internet.

Best Movie Space Battles at File770

Thoreau muses on US civil traditions in an essay entitled You can learn a lot from people who sleep with snakes

Joanna Cabot at TeleRead discusses the Kylie versus Kylie intellectual property argument



Blog Round-Up Time!

What is going on around the web –

Natalie Luhrs has been making pivot tables! An analysis of the Locus Reading List by various categories (e.g. gender)  Also she has made the whole data set she collated downloadable. Impressive stuff.

Scenes from a Multiverse discusses SJWs

J Carlton at The Arts Mechanical re-posted the Larry Pic and the a link to a different post of mine here He also complains about ‘puppy kickers’ linking Sad-Puppies to Vox Day. Gosh 🙂

Nicholas Whyte continues to provide insights into the gloriously 1970s UK kids show The Double Deckers

Rachel Acks’s ‘No Shit’ anthology is at the rejecting things stage

Lis Carey has a review of Bandersnatch: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings, by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Rocket Stack Rank has useful resources for those looking for stuff to nominate or reminders of what they are considering The pro artist category is neatly done.

Karl-Johan has an ABBA themed Cthulu filk using Chiquita I suspect he may receive a visit from Laundry agents for adding dark-powers to ear worms.


Blog Round Up

Wole Talabi on his favorite African short science fiction of 2015

I liked this essay by Sarah Hoyt about how civilisation may (or may not) ‘collapse’
The Myths of Collapse

An extended comparison of the 2014 and 2015 Novelettes comparing the Puppy and non-Puppy nominees. Interesting and part of a series.

Doctor Science discusses how special effects end up eating characterization (short version: they’ve already paid the actors to film more stuff than they can include anyway and so it is easier to cur actor’s non-FX scenes than FX scenes)



A Voyage Round The Kerfuffle Sea While Watching Star Wars 7

mapofthepuppykerfuffleV0.4I linked to a positive review of the new Star Wars by Brad Torgersen in my last round-up and over at File770 I was discussing John C Wright’s negative review.

There seems to be a real difference of opinion on the film that divides between Sad and Rabid and I’m wondering to what extent a major SF event such as Star Wars says about SF as a whole. To that end I hopped into my memetic boat, put the cat into a life-vest and set sail again.

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