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  • Beers and Hugos: what to pair with your novel finalists

    Beers and Hugos: what to pair with your novel finalists

    Beer, books and more beer…but which goes with which?

  • Train to Busan and the Comfort of Disaster

    Korean zombies on a train? #BlogChallengeProject takes a train to Busan.

  • Worlds Enough and Tim

    Worlds Enough and Tim

    [Scene: The drawing room of Felapton Towers – Reality ℥℔Ωℨ 2017, during the unfortunate Weasel Flu Pandemic of that year during the presidency of ¡Jeb! Bush and the Prime Ministership of the Right Honourable Cilla Black] [Camestros (sleeping)] zzzzz[Timothy the Talking Cat] Wake up! Wake up! Time for the daily Zoom meeting![Camestros] Whaaa…huh…oh, it’s you. […]


  • The Being Not Human Awards

    Robots, aliens, talking (or at least sapient) animals, AIs, demons, gods, vampires, entities, orcs, goblins, trolls, elves, dwarfs, giant spiders and guests, welcome! Please take your seats, there is plenty of room in this elegant if ageing theatre that we call Camestros Felapton’s Experience of The Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre. Get comfortable, introduce yourself […]

  • The Arts and the Blog Challenge Project

    A few days the admirable Shaun Duke put out a call on twitter for fellow bloggers to join a kind of writing challenge. He later explained it in more detail in this post on his own blog: “What is the Blog Challenge Project? In short, the project aims to create a community of bloggers and […]