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  • Election Results

    So, the downside of having a funky voting system and lots of political parties is that the results don’t arrive quickly. Having said that [waves in the general direction of the last US Presidential election] having two parties and horserace style election isn’t always quick either. Another feature of the Australian system is that there […]

  • Election Tomorrow

    It’s the 2022 Australian Federal Election tomorrow. The parliament has short terms (three years) so these things seem to roll along very frequently but 2019-2022 has been both more eventful and less eventful than most. More eventful because it went something along the lines of FIRE! PLAGUE! FLOODS! and less eventful because the fires, pandemic […]

  • Freer & Funding

    Hey, it has been a long time since we had a look at Dave Freer and Mad Genius Club but we’ve got a new rewriting of history (and geography) over there. I can’t really complain about people who bury the lede in their blog posts but you have to get several paragraphs in to find […]

  • Australia’s Honours System Remains Very Broken

    Another year and January 26 ticks over again. Australia’s very flawed national holiday continues to be a source of division and disunity. Among the manifold aspects of this is the announcement of various honours. Last year, the secretive process led to the far-right ‘men’s rights activist’ Bettina Arndt being honoured. The previous year in the […]

  • Review: Superior by Angela Saini

    Science journalist Angela Saini’s third book Superior: the Return of Race Science is a very timely survey of the history and contemporary impact of the attempts to use science to prop up racism and beliefs about race. From Carl Linnaeus to the sinister Pioneer Fund, Saini maps the shifts both in actual understanding and the […]

  • Covid-19 in Australia Update

    For largely good reasons, international coverage of the covid-19 pandemic is not currently focused on Australia. However, the dusty continent is where I keep my body, so I pay a bit more attention to it. While New Zealand remains almost virus free (the exception being people returning from overseas), Australia has low numbers of new […]

  • Worlds Enough and Tim

    Worlds Enough and Tim

    [Scene: The drawing room of Felapton Towers – Reality ℥℔Ωℨ 2017, during the unfortunate Weasel Flu Pandemic of that year during the presidency of ¡Jeb! Bush and the Prime Ministership of the Right Honourable Cilla Black] [Camestros (sleeping)] zzzzz[Timothy the Talking Cat] Wake up! Wake up! Time for the daily Zoom meeting![Camestros] Whaaa…huh…oh, it’s you. […]

  • Meanwhile in Australia, Press Freedom is Under Attack

    In 2017 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation released information about possible war crimes by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan (Content warning ). The allegations came from a leaked internal investigation and detailed disturbing levels of violence towards unarmed civilians by Australian troops. Yesterday, the Australian Federal Police raided the ABC’s Sydney offices: There is more […]

  • Well that was disappointing

    After all the fuss and intrigue of a general election, nothing seems to have changed much in Australia. The Liberal-National coalition looks likely to scrape in with a tiny majority in Parliament, leaving things pretty much where they were when the election was called. If PM Scott Morrison looks surprisingly happy about that its because […]

  • Australian General Election 2019 FAQ

    The Australian gneral election is this saturday May 18 Didn’t you just have an election? That was the New South Wales state election. This is the Federal election. You could have just done both at the same time. That’s a statement not a question. [sigh] Ok. WHY didn’t you just have both elections at […]

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