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  • Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Five years of all this nonsense but what nonsense were people reading and when? I’m down here in the archive stacks of Felapton Towers and blowing the dust off the weird old filing cabinets to find out. These posts are just the numbers-game hits rather than special favourites and often other factors drove the traffic […]


  • Gargoyles Rewatch Part 4: Season 3 – The Goliath Chronicles

    It too me longer to finish the thirteen episodes of season 3 than the 53 episodes of season2. It’s not that the final season is bad but rather the show had all its momentum removed. Season 2 ended with all of the main story arcs completed. The Gargoyles were back in their castle. Xanatos was […]

  • Gargoyles Rewatch: Part 3 – Season 2 episodes 24 to 52

    The previous thirty-six episodes of Gargoyles had established the show as having a duel setting: a futuristic 1990s New York and fantasy 900s Scotland. Occasionally the show would dip into stories about organised crime and there were hints of a bigger plot line about the illuminati, but most stories fell into the mix of medieval […]

  • She-Ra Season 3 is Very Good

    Really this is She-Ra season 2 part 2 but it is billed as season 3 on Netflix. The streaming service appears to be encouraging shows to run shorter seasons more frequently. That makes sense as a way of both encouraging binge watching and helping draw in viewers with new seasons appearing. For She-Ra that meant […]

  • Love, Death + Robots: A viewing guide

    I can’t recommend this series as a whole, there are just too many episodes that manage to be dull, ugly and offensive in one go. However, there are some gems and there are some episodes that are diverting if not great. Also, everybody’s taste in this stuff is very variable, so while I expect nobody […]

  • The Dragon Prince Season 2

    I reviewed the first “book” of this animated series here. The main thing to note about season 2 is that paired with the first season, there is a more substantial story. With now 18 episodes in total, there is a more rounded feel to the characters and better immersion into the world. Season 2 also […]

  • Films we didn’t need but got anyway

    I finally caught up with Tom Hardy in Venom and it was quite enjoyable. Mixing elements of horror, comedy and superhero origin stories, the film didn’t push any interesting new boundaries. However, it held its own as an entertaining superhero movie in what is now a crowded field with critically acclaimed comic book sourced films. […]

  • Out of Breath: A sweet animated short

    This short animation from┬áMichael “Gimmick” Mac may be a tad sentimental but it is very well done.