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  • Sunday Beer: The Overlook NEIPA

    I’m not sure The Shining is an appropriate theme for a beer but what about the carpet from the hotel in The Shining? In its defence, the beer is from Katoomba which does have hotels with views over majestic valleys.

  • Dragon Award Gender Stats

    Counts by finalist, only including the story categories (books & comics). For ease of data collection and verification, I counted by pronoun used and checked against a quick web search. This may still contain errors. Each author is counted separately, so a book with two authors has two entries. Year group he/him she/her they/them 2016 […]

  • Press Release from the President of C.T.Corp

    Yesterday, my beautiful home1 was besiged2 by armed goons of the FBI3. This unprecedented4 and unwarranted invasion of the sanctity of my home was both brutal in its execution5 and a violation of the constitutional rights of all Americans6. Without a doubt, this gross perversion of the apparatus of the state was part of the […]

  • Dragon Award 2022 Finalists

    File 770 has the list. So, I’m surprised Eric Flint isn’t a finalist although the alt-history series he started gets a nod. No Larry Correia in Best Fantasy, is less of a surprise as he’d probably turn down the nomination based on past statements. However, I’m more surprised that the Correia/Diamond Servants of War […]

  • It’s the final countdown

    Also, vote in the fan categories!

  • Fun Dragon Award Fact of the Week

    “Dragon Award” as I’ve pointed out before, is a terrible choice of name for Search Engine Optimisation. Even so, there are ways of searching for info on Dragon Con’s awards that skirt around the other Dragon Awards out there. For example, you can’t just search Twitter for “Dragon Award” because the latest result is this: […]

  • A voyage around the puppy seas on the topic of Trump

    So many chickens coming home to roost at the Mar-a-Lago that the hen house isn’t big enough. Poor Donald Trump has been finding ways of postponing, deferring or otherwise mortgaging the legal safety of his future self that he’s become a kind of one-person Ponzi scheme in which one set of shenanigans is paid off […]

  • Review: Prey (Hulu/Disney+)

    Some films require a lot of explanation and plot summary when reviewed. Others need the viewer to know what the basic premise is and whether that premise is executed well or not. Prey is the latest film in the Predator sequence of films and places 18th-century Comanches against the interstellar monster. So the other key […]

  • AI Variant Cover for Debarkle

    Base image created by Midjourney with text taken from the earlier covers. The puppy is too lovable though 🙂

  • Hey, hey, guess what time it is?