Journey Planet: Anthropocene Ruminations

Issue 67 of the celebrated fanzine Journey Planet is guest edited by the duo behind the Hugo Bookclub. It is packed with great people including friends of this blog and my dive into Fallen Angels & State of Fear.

Guest Editors – Amanda Wakaruk & Olav Rokne
Conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson by Olav Rokne
The Roadmap to Drought by Victoria Paterson
The Lies They Will Tell You by Camestros Felapton <- that’s me!
The Loaner by A. L. Yakimchuk
Where The World May Wind Up by Juan Sanmiguel
Songs of a Disposable Earth by Jason Sanford
Disco and the Rising Tide of Cli-Fi Paul Weimer
Ponderings by Victoria Carter
​Parasites in Peril by Collin Horn
Massive Moment for Cli-Fi by James Bacon
Apocalyptic Radio by Nicolas Pallaris
Choosing Van Gogh by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki
Things Fall Apart, It’s Scientific by Chris Garcia
Is Geoengineering by The New Denial? by Stephen Griffith & Marshall Boyd
Dwelling in the Anthropocene by Cora Buhlert
Blowing Up The Ministry For The Future by Gautam Bhatia—2021-hugo-nominee/issue-67-anthropocene-ruminations

That essay is also the defacto next chapter of the contrarian cli-fi series.—2021-hugo-nominee/issue-67-anthropocene-ruminations


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