Unofficial Worldcon Mascot

Individual Worldcon’s have had their own Mascot (Helsinki had a Polar Bear, Chengdu has a panda bear, maybe it’s all bears) but Worldcon, in general, doesn’t have one. So I plonked “Worldcon mascot” into Midjourney to see what I’d get:

Unsure of which one to pick, I put the question on Twitter and asked them to choose between the blue weird guy, the feather rat, the mysterious stranger and the rodent freak.


And here are some variations Midjourney suggested:


3 responses to “Unofficial Worldcon Mascot”

  1. I have a friend who is a digital artist and she has been messing around with Midjourney, but she also I think then alters the images with digital tools. She’s been making really beautiful landscapes and portraits as opposed to the, um, unusual creatures of hashtag words that people seem to be creating with the tool. (For the record, I would have voted for the feathered rat.)

    I don’t really see these programs as A.I., more like the rudimentary bones of what might become A.I., though I know that technically they meet the classification. But really they just seem like the flip boards of words people used to make to do say random romance book titles — it’s a database that reflexively throws images together into random combinations from prompts. It’s not creating anything deliberately. It’s just coding.

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  2. Mysterious Stranger is OK. But it’s kinda generic.

    I personally would have picked blue weird guy. He’s more mascot-y. People could write stories about him, he could easily be done in pen and ink (or on ribbons, buttons, etc.), he could be either SF or fantasy, and s/he/they/it could be named via an add-on to the Hugo ballot. You could make him out of Sculpey, or a felt stuffie version, trademark him, etc.

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