Hugo Quick Reactions

It’s been a busy work day for me and I had to sneak in peaks at the Hugos during one of those meetings that are both important and deathly boring. I missed Cora’s acceptance speech (sorry!) and later only got back onto the live stream to see Charlie-Jane Anders win Best Related Work. Debarkle didn’t win but it did pretty well in a set of tough finalists.

Only a very quick look at the stats because I am literally between meetings. So, if you’ve seen them you’ll note that I could have been a Best Fan Writer contender! I declined because I really felt the fan writing I had done that year was 99% Debarkle and I’d rather it had its chance in BRW. I could have hedged my bets but that would have just been doubly stressful.

So what impact did ducking out have? Well, it gets a bit fuzzy because there was a bit more EPH action than usual. Under old rules, Bitter Karella would have been the additional finalist based on raw votes but with EPH the run-off was between Jason Sanford and Alex Brown. Either way, it was a pretty good mix of fan writers and Cora winning was a great outcome, so zero regrets about that.

Jorts the Cat was an interesting entry but I’m not sure how SFnal a Tweeting cat is. Round these parts that’s just commonplace for cats.

Meanwhile in the other categories…

I was surprised that A Desolation Called Peace beat Light From Uncommon Stars but it was a relatively close contest. Project Hail Mary was less surprising. It had a solid chunk of 1st preference votes but not much support beyond that and so ended up 6th was preferences were distributed.

The nomination long list was very solid for Best Novel. I’d read and enjoyed four of the also-rans and would have been happy to see them as finalists and the rest of the list looked pretty good. We’ve not had a this-is-way-better-than-the-rest for awhile though.

Speaking of which, I feel Ada Palmer didn’t get all the recognition Terra Ignota deserved. Perhaps the Stars missed out being a finalist by five votes and no offence to Wayward Children or the White Rat, I’d like to have seen Terra Ignota win best series.

I’m happy with fifth place for Debarkle but then I feel guilty because True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee, by Abraham Riesman should be higher than sixth place. I’ll take comfort from having “won” the nomination stage 🙂

I thought O2 Arena would have done better in novelette. Bots of the Lost Ark is fine but didn’t have the same impact for me.

The top 3 in novella, seem about right to me but I’d have reversed the order of the bottom three 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now! Congrats to all the winners!

10 responses to “Hugo Quick Reactions”

  1. Congrats to all the winners, indeed! I wasn’t voting this year, and was happy about it – too many tough choices! Delighted by the wins for Becky Chambers, Cora Buhlert and (Lodestar) Naomi Novik.

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  2. Congrats to you for your nomination — you did a masterful job. And congrats for Cora on her Hugo win — totally deserved. I hope everybody had a great time at the award ceremonies.

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  3. “I’d like to have seen Terra Ignota win best series.”

    I’d also like to see it win Best Sneaking of a Gundam Battle into Your Philosophical Novels.

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