Finally a home for all your Colt Barrel needs

Every author, even the fictional ones (maybe especially the fictional ones) needs an author webpage. That way fans and potential readers can go and see what they have to author. In Colt’s case that includes beer and coffee.


19 responses to “Finally a home for all your Colt Barrel needs”

    • 1. according to Colt:Tea isn’t for men – only effete English mean drink tea
      2. Yes, aside from the Gunfondle series (those are 3D renders of repurposed models I made for other things) it’s all Midjourney. I think the dragon ones are too good for Colt but I imagine they are from that one time a better publisher commissioned decent art for his books

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  1. I already left a comment on this guy’s page. Those series look potentially life-changing…can’t wait to get tucked into them. Is there any militario-libertarianism? That’s really *my* special sauce.

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  2. So is Colt Barrel Timothy’s favorite author or does Timothy regard him as an inferior rival?

    (Also, may be a typo in Colt Brewing with “barely” instead of “barley”?)


  3. The Dragons/Tanks universe isn’t really human supremacist enough. I’d suggest adding a plucky tank commander and his platoon of stereotypes brought from, say, the Eastern Front in 1945 to teach the dragons the true meaning of tank warfare.

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  4. Oh dear, I think I need to lie down quietly in a dark room…..

    Nice work camestrosfelapton, you show an obsessive ability to run with an idea that I usually only see in myself and my 1089 pages of notes on an alternative Whoniverse inspired by an off-hand comment.

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