Colt Barrel

Obviously, Cattimothy House publishing has had a LOT of inquiries about the newest member of our author family. So, just to reassure you that Colt is real and not “an obvious made-up name to facilitate a one-note joke that is being stretched way beyond being funny anymore”, here is his author portrait from the back of his books.

See, 100% real and not the result you get if you plug in “author profile picture macho American man” into Midjourney AI. Those are eyes that have SEEN things, people. That’s facial hair that has endured EVENTS.


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  1. Colt D. Barrel, please (Mr. Barrel does like his middle initial acknowledged). The D stands for “Double-Action” (his mother’s maiden name, as she was descended from both the distinguished Double family and the renowned Action dynasty) – close friends call Mr. Barrel “Dub” – an affectionate abbreviation of his middle name.

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    • I know there have been fictional detectives whose main “job” is as an author but has there been a superhero whose secret identity was an author? It would be a good cover.


      • Not strictly superhero but close enough: there’s a short-lived 1995 TV show Legend starring Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie as thinly veiled Mark Twain and Nicola Tesla fighting crime in the Old West.

        Superhero elements are provided by steampunk gadgetry and unintentional secret identity of RDA’s character being permanently mistaken for his creation Nicodemus Legend (due to publisher using his face on book covers).

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        • I ADORED!!! that show. Several of us did a group cosplay at a con that year.

          John DeLancie was veiled in the thinnest of veils as Tesla. Big zappy things, wild inventions/ideas, and Eastern European-ish accent.

          I think it was ahead of its time, with the combo of Western and steampunk. Or maybe behind its time, considering “Wild Wild West”. Anyway, geeks/nerds/fen loved it but the general public didn’t care.

          Plus the 3rd lead (“Tesla”s assistant) was a brilliant Mexican (probably the smartest character in the show), who gloried in the name Huitzilopochtli Ramos.

          I wonder if it’s streaming anywhere?


      • I wrote one at one point in a short story I did years back… one of the members of a superhero team, and the team mage, was also a reasonably well-known author in her secret identity. Mostly I just felt it was a good job for a superhero because it has few set hours (though she did have to work around publicity tours at one point). But the best thing about it was that when she was searching out magical tomes, nobody would think twice if a famous author goes into a library looking for an obscure volume from the rare book section and saying it’s for research for the next book.

        (I was told later on that the ‘I’m doing research for my next book’ was a common line in the TV show Castle, which admittedly I had never seen.)

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    • Same here! He’s a dead ringer for Ben Affleck, who of course was Batman in a movie or two.

      But modern Batman doesn’t use guns and for sure doesn’t build either of his identities around them, so maybe not.


  2. I admit I did wonder if “fantasy author” on the cover actually meant “an author who is a fantasy” rather than “author of fantasy novels” – but hey, this great photo puts shots down that suspicion.

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