Exciting new book cover!

The great towers of Gunfondle have warded the proud people of Fondlegun from all enemies for ninety epochs. Yet can their inviolable defences hold when faced with a terrible new enemy: people being slightly mean to them? Gunfondle needs a new champion!

From the sharpshooting imagination of legendary fantasy author Colt Barrel, comes this daring adventure into a land of black powder and fragile egoes.


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  1. Ho ho! But I wasted a few moments wondering about anagrams — every letter but the I of a certain Award Whining Author’s surname is contained in COLT BARREL.

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      • No, I’m honoured. And a little freaked out…..

        BTW the term “gunfondler” isn’t actually mine; many years ago I actually worked, in USAia, for a dealer/gunsmith and it was his term for a certain type of customer.

        Not that I’m drawing any comparisons with certain authors.

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        • I once worked for dealers for a couple of gun shows (long story, they didn’t sell guns or bullets, I wanted their non-firearms products) and the less-cultured one called them “gunhumpers” if he was being polite and “gunfuckers” if he wasn’t.

          Even people whose livelihoods depend on the gun business look down on some of their customers.

          It was in the 90s, so there were still a few sensible gun guys, and they ostracized the seller of Nazi memorabilia instead of worshiping him. Don’t remember seeing much wider political stuff either, and all the guns were unloaded and checked at the door. The guys would walk me to my car afterwards to keep the gunhumpers away from me. They were a’ight, but probably gone full MAGAt now.

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