Currently Playing: The Cult of the Lamb

Most of the readers of this blog are science fiction fans and a classic tradition of science fiction fans is to start your own messianic cult. In real life, starting and running a cult can be both time-consuming and expensive. You need a compound (or fleet of ships), followers, robes, and lawyers to keep the feds from investigating your dubious financial transactions. Good news! You can now run your own cult in the safety of your own home!

In the Cult of the Lamb you are victim of a demonic cult (again, big overlap with this blog’s readership, who I am reliably told are under the control of demonic forces). At the game’s introduction, you are being ritually murdered by one set of demonic gods in an attempt to control a different demonic god who is chained within the underworld. Lucky for you, the ritual is messed up and your death allows you to be resurrected by the heretical demon god on the condition that you start your own cult to defeat the other demon gods.

The twist is that you are a little cutesy cartoon lamb and the followers you have to acquire are sweet little forest creatures.

The game has two basic modes. Sometimes fighting your way through levels of monsters (also cute) with various weapons and picking up treasure and followers on the way. The rest of the time, the game is more of a base-building/resource management game. You unlock abilities and new buildings and gradually build up a base for your followers in a bucolic forest glade. You get to make daily sermons and start new rituals for your followers, who in turn pray to a demonic idol (giving you more power) as well as cut down trees and mine rocks. You have to keep your followers fed and happy though and that means venturing out to kill more monsters.

It is a surprisingly fun combination of two classic styles of games (rouge-like adventuring and base building). I’m playing on a Switch but it is available on Steam

It’s also an Australian game, a country with more than its fair share of lambs and cults:


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