AI Variant Cover for Debarkle

Base image created by Midjourney with text taken from the earlier covers. The puppy is too lovable though 🙂


14 responses to “AI Variant Cover for Debarkle”

    • Because we know the cuteness hides… terrible things.

      Like unto the dog in “The Thing”.

      Real SF Puppies have squinty eyes, hate in their hearts, and yap loudly about things they really don’t know about.

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      • Maybe that’s why this puppy is so cute, it has the benefit of artificial intelligence. The original Sad Puppies had to depend on …uh, whatever kind of intelligence that was.

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        • Having spent the last hour preventing my wife’s office from flooding for the second time in ten days due to a torrential thunderstorm (at least this time we mostly cut it off at the pass), I really needed that laugh.

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      • Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form. I will stare at this picture for 90 minutes to make it eligible.

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  1. I’m curious about that thing on the left. It looks like a rocket on the bottom but a candle on the top. And is that insignia on the side a KKK hood? For that matter, what do the insignia on the dog’s space suit mean?

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    • I can’t unsee that now.

      Especially given that I know someone who actually made and sold ‘porgi’ (porg/corgi cross) stickers… makes me wonder if some of those ended up in the training data for the AI, since that would be an easy catch for ‘SF’ and ‘dog’.

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