Susan’s Salon: 26/27 June 2022

Susan’s Salon is posted early on Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is still Sunday in most places).

Post about anything you like (either troubling news or pleasant distractions) in the comments for this open thread. [However, no cranky conflicts between each other in the comments.]

😇 Links, videos, cat pictures 🐈 etc are fine! It’s fine to be sad, worried, worried about wars, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once).

17 responses to “Susan’s Salon: 26/27 June 2022”

  1. The government contract I’m on is ending soon, so I am back on the job hunt with a job interview this week and a possible job nibble from the DC government.

    Also, the article is beginning to happen and the first set of interview questions may be coming back today. Finally, I posted a YouTube clip of my cat Sam and so far I have had a whopping 92 views.:)


  2. Yesterday we had to trap Wisp and take her to the vet.
    Trapping went surprisingly smoothly. Put a few treats in the cage, she went half in, I hefted her the rest of the way. Then came two hours of plaintive, dismayed meowing before her appointment.
    Usually they’ve anesthetized her but there’s a new vet on staff who asked if she’d be okay skipping that step. Turns out that bundled up in a towel, she’s quite compliant, possibly because I was there (hasn’t been an option the past couple of years).
    Staying for the exam threw me way off my schedule (I hadn’t planned but once they asked …) but if it made her more comfortable, it was worth it. She’s in good health and not overweight, which we’d worried about.
    Snowdrop goes in September.

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  3. I got a bromeliad yesterday that demanded a blood sacrifice. It was an Orthophytum Fire Opal, a small one with bright red leaves that turned out to be incredibly sharp and yes drew blood several times as I planted them.

    I’ve got another one coming, the one the Aztecs ate which apparently is the only edible bromeliad besides the pineapple. Now what is edible about it is a mystery as this one is completely comprised of razor sharp blood red leaves.

    It’s rare enough that it’s the single most expensive plant I’ve ever bought.

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      • I gave them a stern look as I really, really wasn’t expecting them to be that sharp. I give blood about once a month anyways as part of my medical care (I did so today in fact as my PCP is looking for severe anemia and possible kidney damage, oh joy) but I wasn’t expecting my plants to want blood. They’re already growing…

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  4. This week went on as usual. EGG is much happier now that the people are here 24/7 and so the meals are on time. He and I are getting a higher treat catching ratio.

    I did escape one afternoon with a friend and her visiting kid and kid’s spouse to the used book store and then we introduced the Aussie spouse to Proper Barbecue. A combo of Kansas City and mid-Texas, with thoroughly Southern side dishes and desserts. All long-smoked various meats with your choice of 4 sauces. And an explanation of the various American barbecue cultures (plus Wiki link).

    The Aussie was well-pleased with the food and the concept. I predict bottles of sauce will be making their way down and to the left, though I fear Aussie will be so disappointed to get back home to just burgers and sausage grilled in the yard — though I gave a few tips for how to turn a covered grill into a smoker. I hadn’t seen the kids since The Before Times, so that was lovely (EGG wasn’t so happy with strangers in the house/back porch).

    I am finally getting a start on the Hugo Packet. Better late than never. Have read all the short stories and novelettes, and 1.5 novellas. And I already put in votes for TV, movie, and some fan categories (you know who you are). Must say, Best Fan Writer is an embarrassment of riches this year!

    I doubt I’ll get to the novels in time. Having an occasional ongoing email conversation with the legendary David Langford, who of course was almost done with his reading and is slightly irked with the watermarked PDFs. As I shall be when I get to them.

    Publishers need to learn to trust Worldcon members. It’s not like all the books in the world aren’t available illegally long before the packet comes out, plus that format seriously reduces the chances of winning. I remember San Jose 2018 when a number of people voted the watermarked PDF books last, or behind No Award, simply because they were so damn annoying to read. I spoke to more than one person at that Worldcon who said so.

    Anyway, “talking” to David got me reading the packet. Something to do while sitting on the couch in front of the fan, since it’s been above 90 for seemingly forever. So yay?

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    • All my reading time is getting flushed into the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition. (Well, except for a quick re-read of the Lord of the Rings to get the taste of the last book out of my brain.) I wish I was reading the packet.

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  5. Busy here. I have added interviewing new hires on top of the usual end of financial year shenanigans (we have a different financial year here to Europe or North America).
    I have been watching a lot more streaming shows than usual too. I really liked the Obi-Wan series – the final confrontation between him and *spoiler* was very powerful, I thought. Also coming a bit late to WandaVision, and just starting on Ms Marvel. I have only watched the first episode so far but I have to say that it did the parent-teen conflict well enough that I (as a parent of teenagers) connected with it just as well as my (recently teenaged) daughter.

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    • Ms. Marvel is a delight. (I am sure it is exspecially one for Muslims to be seen as not the villain in US TV)
      One funny moment for me (and a nice unintentionall conection to one poster here) was Bruno saying to Kamala that her mother is not Darth Vader.

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  6. I’m in the middle of a busy few weeks. Last week was my ‘retirement conference’ (although I’m not actually fully retiring til the end of the year) at which a bunch of former grad students of mine presented papers, all of which were excellent, as were the discussions and chat and the whole thing was generally rather wonderful!

    This week there’s another conference with a Big Name visiting speaker and next week it’s the turn of a friend of mine down in Oxford who’s also retiring. Although I’m skipping the party because the son ‘n heir wants to take me to dinner at his college.

    So, a lot of meals out which means calorific austerity for most of July!

    Still ploughing through the big book of Asian Ghost Stories which I’m supposed to review and which is hard going tbh, especially the traditional tales which are typically along the lines of ‘so I saw this beautiful woman walking down the road late at night and it turned out she was a ghost/fox demon but reader, I married her anyway!’

    Binge watched The Outlaws, about a disparate crew of folks doing community service who get mixed up in a massive drugs operation, created by and starring Stephen Merchant and also featuring, bizarrely but also wonderfully, Christopher Walken! In Bristol t’boot. And it’s really excellent, mixing in the humour with the serious bits and moments of real pathos.

    I also need to finish Series 2 of Love, Death & Robots but as I said, busy times!


    • Walken does a lot of bizarre little stuff. He’s pretty much one of the last of the old-school ‘character actors’, willing to take on any role, even a really minor one, if it looks fun or odd.

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      • And I heard that Stephen Marchant went to Walken’s house unannounced and basically sold him on the idea – there’s a great meta-Walken moment in the final episode when his character is playing a gangster! And it must have been such a blast for these somewhat lesser known Brit actors to play opposite him,


  7. I have now read all the short stories, novelettes, and novellas. Dear Ghu, this is a hard year to vote! So many worthy nominees. I found some things that weren’t to my taste, but they were all well-written.

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