Susan’s Salon: 19/20 June 2022

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  1. Two cat stories.
    For our anniversary last weekend TYG got me a stuffed striped cat. I’d had one I took everywhere with me until I was six when it was lost (or my parents decided I was Too Old and disposed of him โ€” can’t be sure, but I have my suspicions). Tigsy isn’t a lookalike but he’s a very sweet, thoughtful gift.
    2)We were very bummed because Snowdrop disappeared for almost a week. Much as we tried to imagine some family trapping him in their garage and stuffing him with treats, we knew it was more likely he was stuffing a coyote. Then he turned up yesterday morning, hale and hearty though very needy and hungry. It’s possible that as his absence started while I was on vacation, TYG wasn’t getting up early enough to see him on the deck so he lost hope of getting his usual food.

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    • EGG’s macho king alpha tom father used to come and yell at us for food every night, and when he didn’t show up for 2-3 weeks, we figured a car had squashed him.

      When he did show up again, he’d brought another cat with him! We fed them both, noticed what a lovey cat the stranger was (and he recognized cans of cat food on sight), so we took him to the shelter where indeed he had been recorded missing. The photos proved it, he had distinctive markings. He had a very particular meow, which he did on the phone when he heard his mom’s voice and he got to go home that night.

      Talking to his mom a few days later, we learned he was from the other side of the freeway! All we could figure out was that he’d hopped into a car, he and EGG’s dad were locked in a garage, and when they finally got out, EGG’s dad led him to the suckers people who’d provide food. I advised getting him chipped immediately; she sent us $100.

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  2. I had to help my kid move this past week, in the middle of an Arkansas heatwave. I am still recovering.

    Reading a K.J. Parker novel I somehow missed, Savages. Engrossing as always.


  3. I have posted some story in German anonym on the Net. I am torn if I should hope someone finds it, or not.
    I just failed to get the internet working on our TV after it did allready work once.
    And it is hot.

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  4. The long and not very thrilling saga of me trying to reread The Invisibles and write a blog about it, which stalled out almost a year ago, is now back under way because I actually do want to remind myself of what the hell happens at the end (and because I’m procrastinating on other projects). Unfortunately my latest installment is not about the end, but about the next-to-last chunk which I didn’t have a whole lot to say about except for some political griping. But I guess this is a thing that I will finish. If anyone has any suggestions of another subject for a similar SFF-related comics reread project in the future, please let me know; I’ve thought about doing Hellblazer, although that one has gone on for so long that I’m not sure I have it in me to do the whole thing.

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    • I did find out at the last minute that indeed someone else did beat the curse that seemed to have doomed all other Invisibles blog efforts, i.e. they actually finished writing about the whole series, but then they had taken their posts down because they put them out as a book. I think I’ll read that, since even though it sounds like it’s written from an extremely worshipful point of view that I don’t share (and includes a long Morrison interview that’s likely to annoy me), I respect the effort.

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  5. Mr. LT was in the hospital for a few days this week, but is home in one piece and we’ve resumed our exciting life of sitting on the couch.

    EGG was very upset, because I was GONE at his dinnertime, and so it was late FOREVER (his memory only stretches to 4 days, so it seemed like it to him). Breakfast and bedtime food were on time, but that’s not enough. I was (and am) very tired, so both the treat throwing and catching were listless. He was also annoyed that I wasn’t around to provide a lap. I have been HMPH’d at as only a kitty can do.

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  6. Drove down south to see my mum whoโ€™s having a bit of a hard time of it, health wise. Stayed in a lovely dog friendly bnb that served some amazing breakfasts & enjoyed some early morning walks along the seafront. But the journey back was a bit of a nightmare, with congestion delays, multiple accidents (inc one blocking the road that was the diversion route for an earlier accident) and a grey bikers (who displayed an interesting and eclectic set of hand signals!)

    Ended the week with a relaxing dinner w friends at an amazing Indian restaurant (โ€œa dhosa to die for!โ€). And yesterday we watched Ali and Ava, a tender love story set in Bradford, featuring some outstanding performances by Claire Rushbrook & Adeel Akhtar (both of whom also feature in the much lauded tv series Sherwood about murder and mayhem in a Nottinghamshire former mining village).

    The week ahead promises to be busy w academic stuff but I hope to find time to revise and resubmit some short stories following recent rejections.

    Take care all!


  7. This (US-mandated) three-day weekend was marred by back problems because I have been carrying around too much stuff in my backpack. Also, I am preparing for an upcoming article with a limited Octavia Butler reread and am immediately stunned at how great she is.

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  8. I finished Children of Ruin, the second book in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time series. I’ve actually enjoyed both of these books, and I preordered the third one.

    A bald statement of the premise of the first book way undersells it: “Desperate refugees from Earth come to a planet where ancient terraformers accidentally uplifted spiders.” The author does an amazing job of making the spiders and their civilization sympathetic, but he also makes the human refugees sympathetic, so the conflict between the two presents itself as a tragedy in which we’re hard pressed to root against either side.

    Another surprising strength of the series is how effective the description of the disaster that befell Earth is. We never actually witness it; we just get hints about it, and yet it feels very real.

    Our little guy finished his first school year with us (grade 6) with two As (Music and Science), one C (Shop class), and the rest Bs. Considering where he started, this is nothing short of a miracle. We’re very optimistic about how well he’ll do next year.

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    • I didn’t think the human side of the book in Children of Time was as original or as well done, but the spider society is a brilliant creation, and I loved, loved, loved the ending: whfg jura vg frrzf gur fgbel vf varivgnoyl tbvat gb raq va gentrql, gur fcvqref erfbyir gur fvghngvba ol, va rssrpg, rzcngul-obzovat gur uhznaf fb gurl jba’g or nsenvq bs gur fcvqref nal ybatre.

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      • The human part is more conventional but I also loved how the story blends together near the end. The sequel is a lot more blended I thought (in a good way) so we have these genuinely “alien” POVs (or rather not-human POVs) interacting in a complex plot.

        Tchaikovsky is just really good at writing convincing non-human minds


  9. I’m in Peru and just learned that the forthcoming (November) Transformers movie was shot, at least in part, at Machu Picchu and Cusco. Optimus Prime not allowed on the site so to be CGI’d in later. T-shirts already available .


      • Not calm this weekend !! summer solstice, regional folk festival tonight with floats flags and parades, saints day/ St John the Baptist feast day tomorrow with saints out of Cathedral and on parade, and then Inti Raymi Inca Sun festival on Friday (I have tickets) …. it’s manic here.


  10. Does anyone know, or can confirm, that the Sony Playstation 5 is dual voltage? If I buy one for me nephew while in Peru it should work back in Canada, right? Looking online it seems they are both dual voltage ad region unlocked. May need to buy a power cord with Canadian pins for the socket but the voltage would be ok.

    Advice/confirmation for this non-gamer auntie appreciated.


  11. I’m sorry, USA.

    I just hope – for everyone’s sake – that this helps to mobilize progressive voters, and that the reactionary wave is turned back quickly.


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