Cora Buhlert: Hugo 2022 Fanwriter Finalist

Cora Buhlert: Hugo 2022 Fanwriter Finalist

Name: Cora Buhlert
Galactic Journey:
File 770:

Other sites: &
Pronouns: She/her

Cora Buhlert is a prolific indie author, champion of independent publishing, blogger, pulp historian as well as a teacher and translator. Based in Germany, her sci-fi writing and reviews are primarily in English but she is also a tireless ambassador for science fiction from beyond the insular English speaking perspective on the genre.

In the introduction to her packet she describes the range of her fan writing:

“I write about old and new science fiction and fantasy books, movies, TV shows, writing, food and anything else that comes to mind at my personal blog as well as at Galactic Journey and elsewhere around the web.

Together with Jessica Rydill, I also co-run the Speculative Fiction Showcase, a blog focussed on science fiction, fantasy and horror by small press and self-published authors. At the Speculative Fiction Showcase, I post a weekly round-up of interesting links from around the web as well as a monthly round-up of newly released science fiction, fantasy and horror books by small press and self-published authors.”

Cora Buhlert Hugo Packet, © 2021 by Cora Buhlert, Pegasus Pulp Publications

I first started reading Cora’s blog during the height of the Sad Puppies conflict but have been a frequent reader ever since.

What’s in the packet

Buhlert herself gives a neat summary of the packet contents in her introduction:

“In this packet, you’ll find fiction reviews, mostly of vintage SFF, media reviews, think pieces, con reports, awards commentary and humor pieces, including the ever-popular Darth Vader Parenthood Award for Outstandingly Horrible Fiction Parents and the Jonathan and Martha Kent Fictional Parent of the Year Award, complete with ceremony and acceptance speeches. In 2021, I also embarked on a project to interview the people behind various Hugo-eligible fanzines, blogs and fancasts. You will find some of those interviews included as well. Also be warned that my reviews generally include spoilers.”

Cora Buhlert Hugo Packet, © 2021 by Cora Buhlert, Pegasus Pulp Publications

Contemporary reviews include Apple TV’s huge but flawed Foundation adaptation, Star Trek: Discovery and several Marvel shows. I always appreciate the way she manages effective plot summaries that support the critical aspect of the reviews. If you are looking for a different kind of review, then she has also included two reviews of the 1960’s German answer to Star Trek – Space Patrol: The Fantastic Adventures of the Spaceship Orion (Raumpatroille, die Phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumshiffes Orion).

“One thing that impressed me about Raumpatrouille Orion are the many little worldbuilding hints dropped into the story. Why exactly do people in the year 3000 AD dance like that? Why are poodles almost extinct? What was the Second Interstellar War and for that matter, what was the first? When did people of European origin start eating with chopsticks, as many of the characters do, when using chopsticks in present day West Germany will have people staring at you as if you were a unicorn?”

Cora Buhlert Hugo Packet, © 2021 by Cora Buhlert, Pegasus Pulp Publications

The reference to “West Germany” there is because this was a review in Galactic Journey, the fanzine that approaches the history of science fiction as if written from the perspective of people at the time, in this case 1966.

Why you should vote for Cora Buhlert

Cora Buhlert is a prolific writer, reviewer, critic and commentator on fandom and science fiction and fantasy publishing. She is also a champion of independent publishing and the pulp tradition. Her pop culture reviews are often of the big mainstream events but are also from a different perspective than most reviewers, informed by works both contemporary and historical beyond the typical pop culture perspectives. She writes insightfully and with humour and enriches the broader fandom conversation.

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