Susan’s Salon: Scomo-Free May 2022

Susan’s Salon: Scomo-Free May 2022

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Reply or post about anything you like (either troubling news or pleasant distractions) in the comments for this open thread. [However, no cranky conflicts between each other in the comments.] 😇 Links, videos, cat pictures 🐈 etc are fine! It’s fine to be sad, worried, worried about wars, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once).

22 responses to “Susan’s Salon: Scomo-Free May 2022”

  1. So I went on yet another Punk-boat this weekend. Some happy punk, a bit more angry punk, annoying brag about violence punk, but topped of the bestest of the goofy punk there is: Toy Dolls.

    Managed to get involved in a project to get our Sauna by my cottage to work. Hopefully no biggie. We had cleaning day today and Sir Scrittles had the best day ever, getting petted by everyone. So much that when he grew tired and I out him back in the cottage, he promptly escaped by a window and run back for more pets, meowing excitedly. Sorry to say, that only earned him being carried back inside, now with a locked window.

    Nevyn has gradually gotten used to being out a bit again, but stays cautious, mostly hiding and observing. He has gotten a new cat bed in a book shelf by my bed which has become his new favourite. Cat yard has gotten a roof, but window entrances are still left. Most likely done by next week.

    On reading front, I have started to read the superhero webserial “Worm” which has gotten good reviews. Not that impressed as yet, but at least there’s a fun mix of powers.

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  2. My wife is working hard to wrap up things at her old job — while she could have left them floundering with two weeks’ notice she’s doing her best to prep her former minions to handle the stuff she does now. It’s been stressful for me too, but it’s almost over. I suspect exhaustion (dealing with dogs and other odds and ends) is why I can’t summon up much enthusiasm for cooking of late.
    Finally got my bike tuned up and I went bicycling today for the first time in months.
    Currently in the middle of Legendborn. Despite tropes I despise (magic system so logical it’s more Handwave Science), I’m really enjoying it. Tracy’s a friend of mine, so I’m glad I like it.

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  3. I just finished reading Flameborne and Flamefall, the first two books in The Aurelian Cycle, by Rosaria Munda. It’s a high fantasy with Greco-Roman characteristics, where the teenage heroes are dragon riders. (They’re basically in the air force.) I enjoyed it thoroughly and recommend it highly.

    Fireborne (THE AURELIAN CYCLE Book 1)

    I read this because our little guy’s school librarian recommended the series, and he wanted to know if we’d give him reading credit for it. It was so good that I dropped my other reading until I finished the first two novels, and I was upset that the third one won’t be out until August.

    The setting is pretty cool if you don’t mind the thinly disguised Latin all over the place. (Plato’s Republic is all over the place too.) The characters are great; even the bad guys are (mostly) rational (if not reasonable) by their own lights. There’s one character who’s cruel because he enjoys giving pain, but even people on his own side think something’s wrong with him.

    The plot is marvelously complex. Every character is trying to accomplish something, and even the good guys come into conflict from having different goals, priorities, and motivations.

    And yet it’s got plenty of action and tension to keep a 12-year-old happy.

    Particularly since he’s grounded at the moment, so his entertainment options are limited to reading, drawing, and playing the piano–no TV, no video games.


    • I might be interested in this too. At this point, what’s a couple more books on Mt. Tsundoku? Although a little pricey for my taste right now.

      I commend the author for keeping it to a trilogy.


  4. Same as always here. EGG continually hungry and erratic at catching his nightly treats.

    In his old age, he’s taken to sometimes doing little squeaky meows and kitten-type mewing. I had him checked out; he’s fine so I guess he’s just trying to act more pitiful and hope that gets more food.
    Spoiler: it does not.

    Nobody’s wearing masks any more, grrrrr. We still are, and luckily most of our time out of the house this week was at the medical center where of course you still have to and there’s hand sanitizer required too. Ran into my doctor and we said hi. Someday we will learn what the bottom part of each other’s faces look like, lol.

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    • I was seeing a vascular surgeon yesterday. I didn’t see him in person last year because he had Covid and it turns a year later that he has Long Covid, poor bastard. (It’s effecting his lungs.) I did that visit by phone.

      I got a full clearance on the blood clot that’s been sitting post-three surgeries in my right knee — he said it’s the consistency of very thick jello and no risk at all. So more ultrasounds, no more visits to him.

      Now if I could get my four times fractured right shoulder repaired. Because of Covid, no one’s doing in-patient elective surgery right now.

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  5. I could have walked downtown through a derecho but I very disappointingly decided I did not want to be simultaneously soaked and pelted by flying objects.

    My brother’s farm has been without power for a day but unlike our farm in the 1970s, he has two different backup power sources: solar and a generator. And none of the trees that fell down crushed his house or propane tank.

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  6. It was this week last year that Fern died, so life & death are front of mind these days. Which is probably why I can’t stop thinking of “Everything Everywhere all at Once”. It is the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. If you haven’t yet seen it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    It’s best to go into it knowing as little as possible & just go along with the ride. It’s not much of a spoiler to say that it’s SFnal, and like a much bigger budget Doctor Strange, also explores a multiverse. But it is so much more than that. The movie does its best to live up to its name but its kitchen sink approach isn’t for its own sake. This is a movie with depth, enjoyable not just at its surface level as a multiversal action flick, but it also explores the deeper issues of life, the universe & everything really. A truly remarkable movie.

    If the IMDB all-time Top 250 ( is anything to go by, I am not the only person to have that opinion. Last I checked “Everything Everywhere all at Once” sits at no 64 in the IMDB Top 250 and is the only 2022 movie in that list.

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  7. Came back from our break in N Wales via Llandudno, partly for nostalgic reasons, partly to show our American visitors a ‘typical’ seaside town w a lovely pier. Fortunately the weather was wonderful and the seagulls well behaved.

    We also treated them (our US friends, not the seagulls) to Michelin quality Indian food and a gig at a classic local music venue (Southern boogie w a touch of psychedelica) so overall we feel they had a pretty well rounded U.K. experience!

    Now I’m taking a deep breath before plunging into the pile of work related emails. I did have a story accepted that I’d forgotten I’d even submitted, which is a bit like finding a fiver tucked away in your coat pocket and has prompted me to review what’s happened to some other pieces I’ve flung Out There.

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    • We stopped overnight in Llandudno on the way to the Dublin WorldCon.
      We’d both been before, but it had been a long time since either of us had visited.

      The ancient – Bronze Age – copper mine up on the Great Orme was new to us, and an interesting visit. But the claustrophobic should stay above ground.


      • I wanted to take the funicular up the Great Orme again this time but we just didn’t;t have time – love it up there!


      • Aye – I’ve just realised that one of mine has been ‘under consideration’ for three months now. Given that its another flash piece, I’m not sure it warrants that level of ‘consideration’!


      • There was a recent local news item about the council removing a plaque from a seaside bench that read ‘Huw Davies – used to sit here and shout ‘fuck off’ at the seagulls”.

        Bit of a shot in the foot on the council’s part as I would’ve thought a plaque like that would’ve attracted more visitors!

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