My Podcast Debut

No, I haven’t started a podcast — I find my own voice too weird. I was interviewed by Eric Hildeman of the Milwaukee Science Fiction League on their podcast Starship Fonzie. It’s a relatively new podcast I believe

I haven’t listened to it yet because I then had a long day at work and also I find my own voice too weird. But if you want me to say “umm” and “ahh” and talk over the host too much (that’s what I recall of what I said) then now is your chance!

16 responses to “My Podcast Debut”

  1. There was a while when I was doing a fair amount of recording for Librivox and other places. I actually more or less got used to the sound of my own recorded voice. It takes a good bit of getting used to for everyone, though.


    • I’ve ended up recording a lot of training & professional development sessions at work (even more so 2020-22) and the sound of my voice I still find creepy…but I guess I’m letting that stop me from listening to what I said and so not getting used to it 🙂


  2. Great to put a voice to a name.

    (Some years ago, we did an interview so lab members could talk about their own research projects so I got to watch & hear myself. It was the surreal experience I was expecting: I did not sound like me! And those gestures! Is that how I look to other people?!)

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      • His voice is deeper than I thought. Although the sound was a bit muddy (she says, jaded by the ability to get sounds from one side of the planet to the other).


      • Accents are funny things. When I first moved to NZ I had trouble understanding people. Then after a while I stopped hearing the accent -people just sounded ‘normal’ to me. Then I moved to Australia and when I talked to my NZ friends on the phone I was surprised by the way they had suddenly acquired a strong NZ accent.

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    • IKR? I was instantly reminded of needing captions on this latest series of Doctor Who, what with all the Northness. (Lots of planets have a North).

      Not too many um or ah, and no more rambly than here.


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