Susan’s Salon: 17/18 April 2022

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  1. On LearnedLeague there was a quiz about “Science of Science Fiction”. I’m pretty good at science as a trivia subject, and I’ve been reading SF for nearly all my life, so I figured this one would be well in my wheelhouse. Now, the scoring rewards you not just for getting the answers correct: you have to guess which 5 of 12 will be the hardest for other people taking the quiz. This can be tough, since if you’re well-versed in a subject you may not have a sense of what’s easy or hard for people who aren’t.

    Well, I managed to get all 12 right…and I succeeded in guessing exactly which 5 would play hardest! So I got a perfect score — part of a 10-way tie for first. (As it happened there was a tie for fifth-hardest question, so it was a bit easier for people to get a perfect set of five “money questions” than it would normally have been.) It’s only the fifth time I’ve managed to get 12/12 on one of these quizzes, and only the second time I’ve been a champion. (The other was set by Rich Horton, and was about Aliens in SF.)

    If you’re curious to see the questions you can find them here.

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  2. Sadly, our oldest credential passed night between Thursday and Good Friday, leaving behind us humans, and his niece who now seems to be wondering why he’s not around anymore (she was born a kitten in our house and has thus had him around for her almost 17 years of life).

    He was pretty much 18 years old. We suspect it was simply old age catching up with him.

    Out of respect for us who he left behind, please do not mention the rainbow bridge (reasons, complicated, but just don’t).


  3. The University of Waterloo has extended mask mandates indefinitely, despite which I very much hope my tour as space monitor will not be extended another term. Each day confronting the maskless is another roll of the dice with Covid and eventually I will roll badly.

    One of students most consistently unclear how to wear a mask was lamenting that many of her kin have somehow caught Covid. Oddly, she used to be quite regular in her habits but I have not seen her in some weeks…


  4. It has been unseasonably warm here, and the election campaign has me in a mild state of despair. However, we finally got some rain last night, and today is much more autumnal, so I went out and did some weeding. Now I feel slightly better about the state of the world, but am covered in hives (most of our weeds are actually couch grass to which I am quite allergic). Still, I prefer itchiness to angst.


  5. Rainy and cold here. I’m grading student papers and reading Max Barry’s new book, The 22 murders of Madison May. Only two weeks left in the semester. I can do it!


  6. Easter weekend is traditionally when the weather goes from “too hot” to “too cold”. And sure enough, a cold snap has hit and it is a cold wet miserable Monday in Auckland. Good thing I mowed the lawn yesterday as today is an inside day..


  7. Today we went out and consumed mass quantities of unhealthy foods (and mimosas) at brunch. Sat outdoors, the breeze was a bit chilly but our waitress was also cold so made the bus boy turn the heater back on for us. Then watched Doctor Who (I still marvel more that it has decent effects than a female Doctor) (and the next special looks excellent) and had naps.

    EGG is getting his treat catching ratio back up, now that we’re nearing the bottom of the container. He finally seems to have figured out how to find them when they land on the floor, too. He got his claws trimmed today, which he haaaates, but last night he got one of them stuck in my sleeve when reaching for a treat.

    Monday Mr. LT and I got our next boosters, which didn’t put me down as hard as usual but my arm was still very cranky. Met an assistance doggo who was temporarily off-duty and found my redolent-of-cat clothes fascinating. Mando and Grogu oversaw the process again. This is the way.

    And water fell from the sky in semi-great quantities! It was amazing. The rosebush is now outdoing itself in pinkness.

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  8. I have a reprint story coming out in the LOLovecraft anthology, so yay.
    Lovely weather here this weekend so I took an extra long walk after walking with the dogs Sunday morning.
    Read Peng Shepherd’s The Cartographers. Starts great but a large chunk of the book is flashbacks to the protagonist’s parents and their generation and I lost interest.
    Have discovered banana and cheese sandwiches are surprisingly tasty.
    And my local history book club had a first person social meeting. book discussions are still on Zoom.


    • I felt the same about the Cartographers. A shame because I liked the central idea.


      • It reminded me, of all things, of the miniseries adaptation of Judith Krantz’s I’ll Take Manhattan. It starts with a good set-up — can Valerie Bertinelli prevent the dissolution of her late father’s publishing empire? — and then goes back to Dad’s generation for the empire building, at which point I lost interest.


  9. It’s been unseasonably warm here this weekend so we decided to engage in that traditional spring activity of ‘let’s clean out a closet!’ I. This case, the one under the stairs that over the past five years has had assorted stuff crammed into it, Tetris-like. There were things in there, unspeakable things …

    Also finished season 2 of Top Boy which was indeed the brutal roller coaster ride we were told it would be. And started the fifth season of The Last Kingdom which, like Vikings:Valhalla is great fun, not least for the way it mashes ‘real life’ figures & events into the fiction and also assumes that at that time you could get from Runcorn, for example, to York in a matter of a day or two, without having to bother with a massive set of bleak and windswept hills in between (aka the Pennines)! Still, poetic licence and all that … (I’ll refrain from going on about how after they’ve descended the moors Uthred’s little gang would then have to hack their way through the near impassable fens and marshes of what was for a time the independent kingdom of Elmet …)

    And yesterday we watched The Father which was incredibly poignant (not least because it hit home) and featured some utterly brilliant acting by Anthony Hopkins & Olivia Coleman.

    All of which helped distract us from how awful the world is right now, with the cherry on top this weekend of redemption by the UK govt’s unspeakably evil plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda from whence they will never be allowed to return. I swear, sometimes violent revolution seems like the only reasonable recourse.


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