Which Appalling Person Got an Australia Day Honour This Time?

A year ago I wrote:

“Another year and January 26 ticks over again. Australia’s very flawed national holiday continues to be a source of division and disunity. Among the manifold aspects of this is the announcement of various honours.”


Among the many people honoured, in recent years we’ve had at least one person that looks like active trolling by somebody in the secretive system:

  • 2021 Australia Day Honours included Margaret Court, former tennis star and anti-marriage equality campaigner
  • 2020 Australia Day Honours included ‘men’s rights activist’ Bettina Arndt
  • 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours included the most bizarre of the lot, Professor Adrian Cheok, a candidate for a far-right political party and sex-robot advocate

This year we have a more conventional appalling person: Australia’s richest plutocrat Gina Rinehart whose great achievement is being very, very rich by virtue of inheriting her dad’s mining company and controlling a hefty chunk of Australia’s mining licences. Her stance on sex-robots is not known. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/gina-rinehart-recognised-in-australia-day-honours-for-service-to-mining-community-and-sport/83cf5a7f-74bb-485f-8b66-2e9b8b4b4415

10 responses to “Which Appalling Person Got an Australia Day Honour This Time?”

  1. How unlike the old mother country, where we only give public honours to truly deserving cases like Tory party treasurers and Gavin Williamson and Tony Blair and oh never mind.

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  2. Absolutely not genre, but I just read and much enjoyed Billie Jean King’s autobiography, in which Margaret Court comes off as a bit of a pill. Hateful as some of her views are, she still holds the record for most slams won. she’ll get knocked of that perch someday.

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