Breaking News on a topic that was pretty much dead

I got a hot tip from Richard Gadsen to check out the blog of Vox Day. I’d actually almost stopped ever looking because it had become either vaccine-denial, his comic website or weird stuff about how great the Chinese government is. But…

Vox Day has announced that he running for Chief Financial Officer of the SFWA, nearly 10 years after he was expelled (see this surprisingly relevant chapter )

“Dear Mr. Johnson,
I am writing you to confirm my campaign for SFWA’s Chief Financial Officer in the 2022 election as per the SFWA Elections page.
As I am an SFWA Life Member with more than two years’ active SFWA membership in good standing, please confirm my eligibility for the SFWA Board in a timely manner. I will be happy to provide you with my platform after receiving your confirmation of my eligibility.”

But why! Well…probably because nobody, not even hydrophobic crypto-fascists, are talking about Vox Day anymore. The field of obnoxious far-right pundits is swamped with younger figures and Day can’t compete with the Nick Fuentes or even Tim Pools of this world. There is a surfeit of over opinionated right-wing dickheads.

So it looks like it’s an attempt at a comeback tour playing the classic hits.

Day has always claimed that the expulsion was done improperly and that therefore he was still a member. At the time he claimed he was going to sue the SFWA but like many of Day’s legal threats, this amounted to nothing. Maybe he has a new lawyer. Maybe he’s bored. Maybe the fading sense of relevance that can overwhelm a man in his fifties is creeping up on him like the ghost of his youth. We shall see or more likely, we won’t see anything at all and the whole thing gets forgotten about.

[eta On Gab, Day is saying this about his campaign:

“My campaign for Chief Financial Officer of SFWA is designed around my commitment to equitably distribute the MILLIONS of dollars presently retained by the organization for no purpose whatsoever among the current active membership.
This will deliver approximately USD 1,500 to each member, thereby providing them with more benefit than the organization has hitherto ever provided its members.”

A bold populist move that’s likely to appeal to the SFWA members currently on Gab [estimated to be somewhere between 0 and 1].


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      • Oh I know she’s not living under a bridge the way she deserves (I would much sooner have seen Limbaugh destitute too rather than merely dead) but her Tweeting sometimes has a desperate Why Won’t Someone Listen To Me? air. Like John the Baptist she and her ilk paved the way for Trump’s dark messiah of the right, but she doesn’t seem as happy as John was.

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      • LOL imagine being too weird and disturbing for Vox “Christian Dominion” Day. I asked because a specifically far-right pro-China apologia is a very specific and very weird set of rhetorical hoops to jump through and ol’ Nick is one of the principal vectors of it.


        • I hadn’t thought of that. Day’s shift in this direction seems to be that Xi Jinping is keeping a tight lid on cultural change (according to Day) and being a nationalist. Similar to Day’s earlier love for Putin.

          If Day reads Land at all, it would be second hand i.e. he encounters Land’s views through somebody influenced by land who can present a more linear X therefore Y didactic approach. Day’s not logical obviously but he likes arguments presented as if they were a simple chain of logical conclusions. Generally NRx ideas he only ever touches on lightly – borrowing words and broad ideas.


  1. I wonder what it says (actually, I don’t) about our world that at this point, writing this piece actually constitutes punching down on your part. Not that I don’t welcome it, mind you, as long as VD is the punchee.

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  2. I wonder if he saw someone successfully(ISh, with an emphasis on the ish) sue the WSFS and Worldcon, got mixed up and though they were the same thing as SFWA, and is hoping the sue the pants off them the moment they laugh, ignore him, or call him (accurately) a racist.

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      • I don’t see why he would care in this case, he can easily be inspired by JDA but using the strategy on a different target.

        There’s a sort-of-business model here that goes something like
        1. be an asshole
        2. provoke someone into calling you an asshole
        3. sue for defamation for being called an asshole
        4. stick to it long enough to make your target see a settlement as preferable to a long court battle.

        While the “business model” may be JDA-inspired, there’s nothing that says it can only be used on the same target as JDA. ISTM the main requirement to pull this off rather hinges on your own ability to be an annoying twat. (And of finding a pro-bono lawyer to help you out at step 4.)


        • As far as JDA goes, I actually spoke to him about this, and while it’s true that much of what he says is intended to provoke outrage that ends up drawing attention to his books, in the particular case of his lawsuit against WSFS, he genuinely felt aggrieved. In general, I don’t think lawsuits are a part of the “outrage marketing” strategy, if only because they cost money and take up a lot of time and energy.


          • Actually the main model is:

            1) be an asshole, pref including on a video to make money (or at least as a guest on someone’s video or podcast)
            2) provoke others to criticize you for being a right-wing asshole
            3) make money-making videos yelling about how dare they criticize you and/or
            4) encourage people to go fund your Kickstarter or other fund-raiser to support how outrageously you’ve been aggrieved.

            JDA certainly went with that. He was unconcerned about people being aggrieved or frightened that he was openly planning to target them at the con, secretly record them and then send mobs after them by airing the videos (and possibly making money off it.) Only he was allowed to be aggrieved that he was criticized for making threats and shown the door. Which was the whole point of making the threat about the recordings in the first place. Women faced with death and rape threats and unable to market their stuff safely at the con because of his scheme? Well, that was their problem.

            First rule of autocrats: only they get to criticize and be upset. The people they threaten are inferiors who should shut up and take whatever happens to them. And JDA tried to parlay his scheme into street cred with Comicsgate. Which might have worked better if Beale hadn’t made it harder for him with other masters of the model over there.

            There was no actual grievance, but a lot of people have genuine grievances about his harassment. Which he admits he did for money and ego, like they all do.

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            • And apparently JDA is now hanging with the crowd of trolls who have been harassing, doxxing and trying to harm author Patrick Tomlinson for the last four years, as well as various other authors. And JDA got someone to take photos of Tomlinson at ConFusion and then he posted them up to the trolls’ message board and made a video on his YouTube channel about Tomlinson:

              I guess he’s looking to join new crews.

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              • Yes – I said a bit ellipticaly that I thought VD’s weird return to talking about the SFWA was JDA related. That was in relation to the goings on with the people who have been harassing Tomlinson and Paul.

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            • Huh? Your talking about the Worldcon 76 apology for what they said in announcing why he was banned? Not saying they shouldn’t have banned him, but they definitely shouldn’t have used that word.


  3. Wow, I guess the comics thing has run its course and he didn’t get any further in the tech industry war against SJW’s, so it’s back to books? Of course some six years ago, it was pronounced that WorldCon would soon be dead, and their Hugos, and the Nebulas/SFWA, and that the SFF publishers would all fail miserably except for Baen, and the Dragon would be the preeminent award of the neighborhood. And certainly the pandemic has hurt everybody, but the liberal dystopia of Puppy dreams has failed to come to pass.

    I’m guessing that the SFWA being involved in helping Peter Beale and other members get their owed money from Disney in legal action spurred him to give it the old college try. As for the crack about the SFWA hoarding money, I’m guessing that came from A) the SFWA trying to do more to help author members with health insurance and B) the arguments around the RWA the last few years where the fact that the RWA has been making a lot of money out of their conventions and the Rita Awards that wasn’t necessarily helping out members, particularly writers of color, as a priority is being possibly transferred over to the SFWA. Or maybe it’s some conspiracy theory going around the right-wing cohort.

    Anyway, it’s a sad reminder that Beale’s entire existence seems to be set around trying to destroy the SFWA as some sort of arch nemesis. Or just getting someone to listen to him seriously for more than five minutes.

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