Because you asked for this

You: Literally none of us asked for this

In a twist, he’ll turn into an ally before the end.

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  1. This version makes it even clearer that Skeletor’s overall physique is massive overcompensation – he spends all his time at the gym because there’s just no way for a skull not to look skinny.

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        • Is he though? I can’t remember if Skeletor’s body below the neck was ever seen in MotU. I always assumed he had a body made of flesh (hence the muscley appearance) and only his head was a skull. But maybe the muscles are all fake and he’s just a skeleton wearing a heavily foam-rubber-padded suit.


  2. By the way, I thought you would like to know— and this may not even be off topic, because the man himself is looking more and more like a rodent skull these days— Jordan Peterson has flounced out of his nominal career as an academic at the University of Toronto, or at least just now published a long op-ed about why he flounced out a week ago. Surprise surprise: it’s because he thinks liberalism is unfair to his white male students. Plus he’s just so much of a rebel that no one can handle his philosophical ideas.

    This is not really a surprise but I must say I was slightly impressed that he managed to outdo his usual bullshit style, by spending 320 words quoting Vladimir Putin on the decline of the West. Leaving aside the hilariousness of Peterson taking Putin’s word for it that Shakespeare isn’t taught in schools any more, rather than checking whether Shakespeare is in fact taught at schools such as the University of Toronto (he is), this is one of those times when it’s hard to tell whether Peterson is being knowingly propagandistically devious or just plain stupid, because he treats the Putin quote as if liberals should be extra surprised and ashamed that even Putin says this sort of thing. Like, when the head of an authoritarian government whose whole political career has been drenched in proto-fascist good-old-days rhetoric and disdain for Western liberal softness, who is openly admired by American white supremacists… when even that guy tells us our country is too woke, clearly we’ve gone too far!

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    • I think it was a simpler situation than that — I don’t think Peterson has been teaching much for the last several years. He was on medical leave, for his pill addiction, being in a coma in Russia, trapped in Europe during the lockdowns, ill from the super meat diet his daughter forced him on — the inferior chaos agent female of a daughter who’s been running Peterson’s whole empire, including when he was hospitalized and unconscious.

      So I suspect that U. of Toronto told him he was out of leave, sabbaticals and course reductions and told him what they needed him to do for teaching and labs. And he and his daughter decided that grifting money had been a lot more lucrative and they didn’t need the respectability trappings of active professorship any more. Word is that most of the department there hates his guts. So he took the option they also offered, which was retiring. Wouldn’t be surprised if his daughter crafted a lot of his resignation manifesto. He can still sit up and talk but there’s been an awful lot of propping him up for awhile now.

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      • Well, yeah. I didn’t mean to suggest that I thought Peterson’s self-righteous tirade was sincere. He said all that garbage because it’s the kind of stuff his fans expect him to say, it’s the party line for anti-PC Bari Weiss types, and that’s his bread and butter. He is also sincerely reactionary and sincerely stupid, but I think his career choices are pretty clearly for mercenary reasons.


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