The Museum of Right-Wing Gadgets & Sundry Devices

Roll up, roll up to my carnival tent of wonders! Failed experiments! Miraculous near-inventions! Some things that actually exploded! Ladles and gentlemen, I present to you the Museum of Right-Wing Gadgets & Sundry Devices*!

Each episode will feature a device, invention, or work of cunning artifice devised either for or by a figure of right-wing proclivity…or on the whole they will. There are a number of criteria in play:

  1. There needs to be an invented THING. It can’t just be an idea or a way of behaving nor can it be something that was promised but never made. There should, at minimum, be a prototype. The prototype doesn’t need to work though…
  2. It should be a reasonable size that you could have in the home (in principle, but it might not be a wise idea to have one in your home…)
  3. It should be a solid thing, not say a liquid or a virus etc.
  4. There should be a particular individual directly connected with the thing who is of clearly right-wing ideology of one kind or another. It might not be the inventor as such but the person should be directly connected with the thing coming into being.
  5. It should ideally exemplify some sort of messed up quality of the right. THERE WILL BE A MORAL to these stories of the creative urge used for evil.
  6. I’m going to limit to no more than one example of a. Nazi superweapons/weird stuff and b. perpetual motion devices.
  7. I resevere the right to play a JOKER🃏 on each of these criteria to make up the numbers.

Point 7 means that I will break these rules for some exhibits. Specifically, rule 2 will be broken with an aeroplane, rule 3 will be broken with a piece of software and rule 4 will be broken by an inventor/originator who was avowedly left-wing.

Exhibits have been drawn from across the decades and this series will run for about 10 episodes on a less-than-weekly basis.

To ensure a neat segue with a more regular topic of this blog, here is your required reading before visiting our first exhibit (coming soon)

*[Not all exhibits are guaranteed to be right-wing or gadgety nature]


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  1. The page you linked to is just a lot of broken image links, with no clue as to what it used to look like or why you linked to it.

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  2. Having just read The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher, I must advice caution when it comes to making a museum of odds and ends. Be aware of the willows!

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