Sunday Beer: Back to Basics

This “pastry stout” was a Christmas gift and it is a pint of alcoholic sweet thickness. One is plenty and best had in lieu of dessert. Brave use of a Comic Sans-like font there on the label.

All the way from California, apparently

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  1. Oh yeah, seems like The Bruery’s most successful beers are all extremely sweet and very spiced. I find them unbalanced, but a lot of my friends love them. When I’ve tried their less intense beers, like their tripel (still a pretty strong beer), I’ve really dug them, though. We went to a Bruery night at a place in Hollywood (Blue Palms) years ago and tried a bunch. Fraggle, the owner of an excellent, now defunct beer bar in Oakland (Beer Revolution), was a huge fan of The Bruery. We used to get into drunken arguments about their beers. He was a huge beer snob so I couldn’t understand how he could love such sweet, overly-spiced beers. But he was also an old school home brewer and spicing and tarting up beers was a big thing in that scene back when there weren’t many choices. Anyway, I’ve always doubted my negative assessment of The Bruery because of Fraggle’s love of it.

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  2. One Christmas, deep in the wilds of Rural Massachusetts, I tried to pick up what look like some craft beer in a gas station. It turned out to be Harvest Moon a fake craft beer put out by Coors. It, too, had pumpkin in it. It was like trying to drink a scented candle. I suppose that, whatever it tastes like, it will have the merit of being better than that. I for one, though, refuse to believe that pumpkin belongs anywhere except, perhaps, a Goan curry*, so I’m not really its intended audience.

    *The dish is made with white pumpkin and I don’t think that has quite the same sickly flavour.


  3. That beer couldn’t be any more autumnal unless it was shedding leaves.

    I would try it except I hate coffee. Ruined a perfectly decent sweet beer with that.

    Will try their chocolate stout if I see it somewhere… which, since I’m not going anywhere, may be ages. And someone else should be buying, because them is some pricey brews.


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