The Complete Debarkle (soft launch)

Soft launches are trendy in marketing circles (or was that long lunches?). This time, this is more out of a vow to have this project all done before 2021 ends rather than cunning marketing. Currently, the final ebook version has hit a snag with Draft2Digital because their bots are picking up the shared content with the multi-volume version. I’ve delisted those but it will probably take a few emails to get the ebook up in the usual outlets.

coming soon in other formats

Undeterred by circumstance, and not wanting to ruin the many New Year’s Eve party readings of Debarkle that I’m sure you all have planned, I am publishing the PDF version with bonus content and a fancy cover.

Big thanks to Danny Sichel for the additional checks and corrections.


10 responses to “The Complete Debarkle (soft launch)”

  1. Wow, 457 pages….you’ve got yourself a doorstopper here, Cam.

    Also, “Second Chapter 5: Dramatis Personae–Vox Day” (and right after John Scalzi’s chapter, to boot) *snort* 😄

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  2. The main Debarkle page doesn’t have comments, so I’ll try here – I’d like to have the Complete in ePub; do I understand right that to access the ebook stores for free, all require registration (and Books2Read is just a directory of other services, not a retailer per se)? Thanks (also for all the good work)


    • I think they all require at least an email address. Books2Read currently only links out to other retailers ie it isn’t a storefront, but the underlying company recently acquirred Smashwords which does have its own storefront. Sadly, Debarkle isn’t on Smashwords yet.


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