Have a great day

From everybody at Felapton Towers.


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  1. And a Happy Generic Mid-winter Festival to all. OK the 24th still has three hours to run here.t
    And hopefully that rain telescope gets off the ground tomorrow.

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  2. The seasonal festival at Chez Dalliard is Mrs Dalliard’s birthday on December 26. Today is a day of much cooking and preparation. Tomorrow the family gathers to celebrate the holy birth.

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  3. Happy Merry whatever to all. I have had entirely too much ham and wine and exchanged gifts, and tomorrow… well, more of the same! (But probably beef)


  4. Merry Christmas to everyone!

    Gifts have been opened etc. In a few hours I’ll take the train up to the mountains for some days of skiing and frolicking in the snow.


  5. Merry Christmas to one and all. After much to do and huge queues at both COVID testing centres and airports we made it to my family’s, and it has been lovely. Hope things are going as well for everyone else.

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  6. I have had bacon, eggs, and panettone for brunch as is our custom, and I’m thinking of being lazy and not doing steaks or chops tonight and instead cooking the frozen quiche I bought.

    We opened more presents (the ones to and from Mr. LT and I), and Mr. Tux has had noms. Now we are listening to non-Christmas music.

    It is chilly and rainy, but we have fuzzy jammies, fuzzy slippers, blankets, and there will be eggnog and hot cocoa.

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    • I made my usual German apple pancake. Then my wife got the itch for pasta so she made us large bowls of it for lunch. My dinner yesterday evening was small.


  7. Merry Christmas everyone! (Yes, I know it’s late on the 25th in my time zone, but Christmas lasts 12 days (hence, Twelfth Night) so I am not late.

    I spent the 24th making a batch of stollen from the recipe in Mimi Sheraton’s German Cookbook (the 1965 printing) and so a large fraction of my calories today came in the form of stollen. I am well-pleased.

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