Debarkle Volume 3 Now Available

The third and final volume of Debarkle is now available from a wide range of online book stores and by “wide range” I mean “not Amazon”. As with the rest of this series, it’s been published via Draft2Digital and you can access it in these online book shops. Note: this is the “second draft” version with fewer typos than the blog version. A third draft version will be available as a collected edition of all three volumes before the end of the year.

10 responses to “Debarkle Volume 3 Now Available”

  1. A (possibly foolish) question:
    Is there/will there be a print on demand option, or even just a .pdf version that I can use to print a copy myself.
    I ask because I have a nerdy friend who I think will be very interested in this, but he’s even older and curmudgeonly than I am, has no working computer and after several years probably won’t be bothering to get his old one replaced. For him I think it will be deadtree format or nothing.


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