Not quite a Shang-Chi Review

I watched the latest Marvel movie last week as a way of celebrating being able to go to the cinema again. I don’t have a lot to say other than it is very entertaining. Some brilliant fight sequences, particularly in the first half. The second half is more overtly fantasy and the film almost stalls as it transitions from one plot (and style) to another.

Aside from the martial arts, the other strength of the film is the two leads, Simu Liu and Awkwafina who have great chemistry and charm. It’s about as light-hearted as a film about the son of a grief-stricken abusive dad/super-villain can be.

Not much else to say, so here is a poster from a different part of the multiverse.

6 thoughts on “Not quite a Shang-Chi Review

  1. I think Tony Leung was the best part of the movie, supervillain/abusive father or no. Him and Michelle Yeoh.

    But I’m really getting tired of the Marvel formula of the bombastic, over-the-top CGI’d third act. It’s cliched and tiresome. This one was slightly more forgivable, I guess, because it was dragons instead of people slugging it out, but I would pay real money for a third act that consisted of people talking out all the problems of the movie instead of fighting. It’ll never happen, though. *sigh*

    Are you going to see Dune? Now that’s a movie I want to talk about.

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    1. I get what your saying – in this one I didnt mind as much, because it was so completly different than from the normal CGIbattles (although a bit too long).

      Watched Black Widow yesterday and thats really was a standard MCU-box-tick, especially at the end (and unusual sloppy plothole with)

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