I too can use calendars

It is October 11 2021 or at least it is in Sydney, Australia as I write this. Why is that relevant? Well cast your minds back to 2019 and one of my moments of literary masochism: https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/2019/11/15/reading-vox-day-so-you-dont-have-to-part-ive-lost-count/

This didn’t come up in the last chapter of Debarkle because it is about Vox Day’s attempt to cash in on both Comicsgate and Qanon simultaneously, so I’m saving it for the next chapter and also because October 11 2021 is when Day claimed he would reveal whatever stunning victory he won over crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Meanwhile, it isn’t quite October 11 in the rest of the world but I’m waiting for what I am sure will be very anti-climatic news.

6 thoughts on “I too can use calendars

  1. It’s still only October 10 in the land of Indiegogo, and business won’t open for another (ugh, math…) 11 hours, so Teddy will have to stay up later his time disappointed.


  2. Not standing by – I’ll wait for the next chapter and see if anything is mentioned there. My guess is that while you can certainly use calendars, it will turn out that Vox Day can’t, at least with any degree of reliability.

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  3. Teddy can’t use calendars, so you’ve got that over him.

    The courts are closed in the US for Columbus Day. You’d think a white nationalist like him would know that.


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