Ebook coming soon

The collected ebook version of Debarkle will have its second volume available soon. If you want a kerfuff by kerfuff history of a kerfuffle in one handy ebook the here you go. The font choice does make it look like it is Volume Z though.

7 thoughts on “Ebook coming soon

    1. It will be $0 for normal readers but fans of this series will get a thousand percent discount.
      I’m using Draft2Digital again because it is super easy – so it will be available via most ebook stores…except the big one (Amazon – won’t let me do free books)

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  1. It does feel like it has been running long enough to have reached Volume Z. (Not in a bad way.)
    So did the kerfuffle itself at the time. (Not in a good way.)

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  2. I didn’t know about this project until a few days ago. I’ve been perusing the chapters since then, admiring the immense amount of work and exhaustive footnoting/linking in each chapter. You’ve done an amazing job of assembling and integrating an enormous amount of material, from many different sources, covering years of events.

    As absurdly ludicrous as the Puppies, both Rabid & Sad, seemed to me back in 2015, they seem to me even more so now, with the passage of time, the advantage of knowing how things turned out, and the various events we have all endured since then. Reading the many passages you’ve quoted directly from their blogs, social media, and public statements, my overriding reaction is, “Good God, they’re pathetic.” And NOT in the “pitiable” sense of the word. They’re far too malicious, venomous, obnoxious, self-absorbed, and grasping to evoke pity.

    In retrospect, my reaction is that the whole long-running, community-splitting mess which they launched… was all about them personally, all about their own egos and insecurities and neediness.

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